When anti-sex autocracy became an anti-life golden age

In United States colonial times, back when black slaves were racistly executed for raping white women, society was simpler: rape was punished (“especially” punished, in the minds of politically retarded people, against black rapists). Yet no social infrastructure then existed to threaten normal people into docility by criminalizing consensual sex as if it were rape.

Soon, however, autocratic puritanism was the law of the land, by the proliferation of plantation policing—and the expansion of the governmental plantation throughout the land, after Lincoln’s successful war of northern aggression (a success made much smoother by his suspension of human rights even among those who, until that time but no longer after, still had constituted five fifths of a person).

From that time forward, autocrats afforded female citizens less autonomy than would a kinder rapist: she had precisely zero say in her sexuality, a policy reinforced and reinvigorated throughout U.S. history, especially by codified child-murder mandates, to manage the nation’s chattel females, especially to prevent the creation of too many useless people, and to restrict the supply of vagina, thus increasing its demand, in order to maximize profits for those patriarchs who were in a position to commodify and market the sisters, daughters, and mothers of lesser men.

Only a short time of terrorizing sexually disobedient women ushered in a puritanical golden age, where virtually all (low-class) men forewent fornication with even the most willing—indeed desperate—women, for fear of her subsequently sacrificing him, as leverage to beg forgiveness for her own social sin.

Thus, wherever tyrants strategically tossed their chronologically arbitrary, anti-nature moral line—that, not volition, separated sex and rape (i.e. normalcy and crime).

And before all the autocratic anti-life puritanism collapsed under the weight of its selectivity, hypocrisy, and vanity—even women were caged and raged against for providing themselves as a sexual option to those whom, by government decree, were doomed to celibacy.

And it was all just a pale and sickly ploy to normalize the murder of the children of poor.

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