The historical inch before black-led revolution

Model employees in the modern industrial dungeons operate in a state of perpetual semi-panic: limp enough to endure for the entirety of their shift, yet rushed enough to dispel the temptation of any mental blinks of a dangerously inefficient length.

Niggers, with a seemingly visceral sense of Return On Investment, nearly never serve as model employees (yet when they do, their credulity is unparalleled); and in any case, half-attentive feckless fools stereotype blacks as simultaneously lazy and hyperactive: white devils and their mongrel minions desperately gaslighting the only people consistently smart enough to contribute none of their soul—and as little of their true self as they possibly can—to the expanded plantation.

Meanwhile, white trash, burning at both ends, leverage the cowardice and craftiness of their over-developed pseudo-minds to develop visceral faith in sitting still and passive-aggressively waiting their turn—virtually always to the point of a sad, angry death.

But model white employees still present an ever-present risk of usurpation.

Thus a priceless social tool is to addict model white employees to enjoying, vicariously, various self-destructive hobbies of the most degenerate black people, as a way of preventing everyone’s recognition of better blacks’ potential to be leaders in upending the system—by reminding others of the powerful, natural self-centeredness which pale pawns and puppets renounce, as pay for passage into the modern industrial dungeon.

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