The downplayed heroism of Kevin Bright (anti-freedom, anti-life tyrants who gaslight the women who depend on men)

An effective tactic of USA’s tyrants is to extend political privileges—representation without taxation—to weak, cowardly, violently passive-aggressive women, and then to cite those women’s faith in a police-state as the reason to disarm, disenfranchise, and imperil men (and thus women).

For this, tyrants must hugely and constantly amplify the credulous voices of their feckless female pawns, because there are not enough of them; more specifically because too many a woman, with her life spent protected by heroic brothers and fathers, knows perfectly well that laws to disarm and disempower good men are a clear and present danger to her safety and freedom.

Tyrants nevertheless persist. Thus, for example, the immortalizing of Dennis Lynn Rader, AKA the BTK Killer, in order to remind how dangerous and evil men are, and how important is a police-state (like the one that misappropriated the DNA of Rader’s daughter—breaking the law to enforce the law); while at the same time, those same politicized historians who constantly and strategically remind of the various Raders, as political porn for cowardly political pets—they barely include, or wholly omit, mention of Kevin Bright, the 19-year-old who readily and heroically rushed his sister’s attacker; was knocked unconscious by a gunshot to the head; was assumed dead by the attacker; regained consciousness minutes later to the sounds of his sister being attacked; again heroically rushed the attacker; was shot in his face; and then stumbled out into the street, barely alive, ultimately unable to save his sister from being murdered.

Tyrants and their puppets who play up the minority of men who are slithering attackers, and downplay the majority of men who are heroic defenders—they are enemies not only of liberty: they are enemies of life itself. And they deserve to be eaten alive—at least figuratively—by the masses whose lives and liberty they threaten.

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