When anti-fertility political cannibals tax family too heavily

More than never, exorbitant alimony twisted mutual co-dependence instead into pure parasitism; where, worse still to the balance called “justice,” often only the host sensed any incentive to improve, bond, and move on.

The socio-political engineers who enabled this fleeting speck of tyrannical femdom, true to form as sociopaths, then blamed those victimized men who failed to fail properly in endless patriarchal gauntlets littered with pitifully self-pitying meagerly middle-managing unlovable unlikeable feminist pawns.

Meanwhile, each engineer’s erudite addiction to supplanting reality with political fiction impeded their capacity to foresee even the two most predictable externalities brought by their tyranny: (1) a massive unapologetic exodus of male scapegoats; (2) the impossibility of managing the many massive harems filled mostly with devious rotting women, the low quality of whom only a husband could have ever learned to love.

On it went: vast well-furnished farms of furious sterile female failures, fed crumbs of corrupt concern by their elite enablers — yet the latter fueled the former only ever at arm’s-length: glib glutted glorified whores, but never glorified enough to be kept as a sanctified pet; as enablers and the enabled descended methodically irreversibly into insanity — all the while jointly pretending and prodding manic faith in a modern alchemy of drawing blood from the dust of deathly smoothed stones.

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