Indelible in the hippocampus of Patriarchy’s feminist foot-soldiers

Feminists, as useful-idiot political landmines, serve consistently as nothing but objects of pity and contempt, leveraged by competing factions of patriarchs against each other.

Feminists, in our society that is obviously ruled and run by men, have amounted to nothing but front-line pawns for field-testing, without personal consequence to their patriarchal taskmasters, the public response to autocratic shifts in public policy that are being considered by the various corporatists who compete for a turn at the helm of a bloated, hemorrhaging central authority.

In Paradise Lost, Milton’s character Satan considers it “better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.” In the modern societies whose patriarchs leverage feminists as wedges to obscure issues, the emotionally and morally castrated, cynical, unsupported, parent-failed, penis-envying woman whom society dooms to be a feminist — she considers it better to reign as a placated, slightly-better-dressed slave at the mercy of privileges deigned to her by the collective of men known as “government,” rather than to woman-up by humbling herself, and serving in a supporting role for the best man to whom she can appeal — even if he is less than the quality of a man whom she would whim to arrive, ready made, with the qualities that would truly compel her to put herself under his wing.

Meanwhile, the vanity she pretends about possessing endless, alternative, better men — this is only cowardice, masking her fear of being trapped with a man who will only fail; and that fear is only a mask for the low self-esteem which, born of social-torture she has received, tempts her to believe that she cannot, by the power of her nurturing and loyalty, improve the man whom she now deserves into more of a man than any she has ever lusted over or even imagined.

Thus, patriarchs craft countless a woman sad and sick into the fierce farce of a “feminist” — to control and commodify her by destroying her potential to discover her desire to be a helping and helped wife; and, even more, a loved and loving mother.

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