How to respond properly to accusations of being a ”privileged, white, male”


Appropriate response: “How dare you presume my gender and race. As a trans-black trans-woman with white skin and a penis who identifies as quadriplegic, I am very offended.”

Predictable progressve response: “THAT’S NOT FUNNY! REEEEEE!

Appropriate response to the predictable response: “I agree: you presuming my race and gender is not funny at all. People like you and Hitler can never understand the importance of diversity, inclusion, and allowing a safe space for trans-black trans-women with white skin and a penis, like me, to worship Donald Trump in peace (or whatever).”

Then, in the same situation and even the same sentence, go back to referring to yourself based on reality.

Then comes their next accusation: “So you don’t identify as [x,y,z]?!”

“No, I am a white non-retarded man, peace be upon me.”


“Hey!…I’m gender fluid and race fluid — and my gender and race change depending on the moment and to whom I am talking.”

What are they going to say?—that’s “against the rules that govern trans-delusion”? Certainly not. They will shut, sit back, and wait — like the bratty child they are — for their next chance to interrupt with proud, panicked, politically retarded, needy nonsense.

Those who have never conversed creatively enough with the bratty children of others — have never learned the power of (1) simply accepting the terms set by a delusional brat; and then (2) ceaselessly playing by their rules; until (3) the brat grows overwhelmed or weary of “being in charge.”

It has been noted that, in plenty places, “Progressivism” is now the dominant narrative in society; and yet conservatives, liberals, etc. — they engage progressives as if the progressives have nothing to lose, and (even more laughably) as if, by their frantic over-extension and spreading themselves thin — progressives have nothing but power. Meanwhile, power itself, in the form of authority, requires constant defense. And if that power, that authority, derives simply from a political privilege andoa manic mood — then it should be no problem at all to simply call the bluff of the blithe “anti-fascist” Progressive fascists — and then wait for them to implode and conversationally cannibalize each other.

If you argue against Progressives from a framework of Biology — or any other form of reality — then you are wasting your energy. These people murder children for convenience, and vote Democrat for “change.” The only thing they deserve is to be trolled into either humility or suicide.

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