Brynn Elliott, and the manufacturing of narcissistic, man-hating, penis-envying, abusive lesbians

“If you don’t like girls that are stronger, faster, smarter, tougher, more daring, and braver than you — well then you might not like me”

-Brynn Elliott, in her song Might Not Like Me, pretended as a song to a theoretical guy who apparently is weaker, slower, dumber, less tough, less daring, and less brave than some mediocre, man-faced, self-worshiping, boring girl named Brynn Elliott; even as the song is obviously just a self-worship anthem marketed to boring, mediocre girls addicted to validation of a pride briefly inflated by privileges and rewards for docility strategically pretended as merit, to tempt prospective wives, even mothers, away from developing real character and real worth; as a form of class stratification for positive eugenics: “raising the bar” in the mind of many a mediocre, decadent, doomed girl, so she keeps her self-esteem unreasonably high; and, in so doing, craves living far beyond her potential, thus condemning herself to a life far below her potential.

Math vs Feminism

It has been blabbered, more than never, that “every girl deserves a prince.” Well, there are more women than men in the world, so if every single man in the world were a prince, then for every woman to have a prince would still require some polyandry — some men having more than one wife. And presumably, the best princes would be the ones rewarded with extra wives — making them “kings among princes,” thus the elite princes for which all the princesses would ceaselessly pine and desperately compete.

Harems, and the dyke alternative

Meanwhile, in case you just joined us: Not every man in the world qualifies as a “prince” in the mind of the kind of delusional narcissists who insist “every girl deserves a prince.” Moreover, the only world ever known to Brynn Elliott (whose age is strategically hidden from her entire online presence, in a desperate attempt to forestall looming obsolescence) has been a world where girls are meticulously trained to pretend they want “equality” — while rejecting, quickly even frantically, any boy who is remotely her equal in height, strength, finances, prestige, etc.

Thus the previously supposed need for a limited number of polyandrous princes — expands into a manifest need for vast harems, where large collectives of women curl up, cuddle up, and obediently cooperate to secure their divided access to an extremely limited number of princes.

Thus the invention of laughably fake, endlessly precarious camaraderie among sad, vain, man-faced girls like Brynn Elliott — a Harvard-trained philosopher, i.e. the kind of inflated fraud who, far more often than the general population, ends up “realizing” she is a lesbian — since only among other women can she find someone low enough to validate her neurotic desire to seem stronger, faster, smarter, tougher, more daring, and braver — while, in fact, being weak, slow, dumb, vapid, boring, petty, and, in her early twenties, clearly far beyond her prime (as well as out of her mind). But muh Harvard Philosophy.

Empowered girl-on-girl violence

And all this homosexualism being only an escape for narcissistic, delusional women explains perfectly why lesbians (i.e. man-hating women addicted to homosexualized penis-envy) are the most physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually abusive demographic in the entire world. On the bright side: man-hating lesbian losers will always have limp eunuchs, such as Anthony Synnott, to frame man-hating as a reaction to misogyny, or as the real-man retard himself put it: Man-hating is due to reality — it is “Newtonian physics and the Marxist dialectic.” Meanwhile, for every Anthony Synnott slug slinging feminist fraud to enable the blithe, banal Brynn Elliott bitches of the world, and for every apology-anthem by a castrated crooner, for all the mama’s boys taught to beg for mama’s validation by helping her to gaslight his father — there is an H.L. Mencken reminding of reality: “A misogynist is a man who hates women as much as women hate each other.”

2 thoughts on “Brynn Elliott, and the manufacturing of narcissistic, man-hating, penis-envying, abusive lesbians

  1. Bryn being a female isn’t the issue. The problem is she isn’t those things and she wrote the song in a way that facilitates average people thinking they are superior. The level of vocabulary and conceptual content of the music is literally written at the level of an average or below average person. Go read the work of a genius and tell me hers is equally as complex. SO to reiterate, it isn’t that she is a woman or that the consumer is, but rather that they are average people masquerading as superior people.


    1. I agree with the subtext of your comment: that the mental-rot brought by pot blurs the world into a series of soothingly manageable binaries, each of which requiring only a grunt of agreement else a squeal of dissent. Keep up the good work: you are MUCH taller than you are.


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