The torturing rapist with a heart of gold

Joseph Hyungmin Son booking photo

Always tired: Perpetually sleepy Asian Joseph Hyungmin ”Ching Chong” Son, who is the Korean kind of Chinese, nearly falls asleep during his mugshot, after his arrest for heroically murdering a bad person, which earned him the United States’ Torturing Rapist with a Heart of Gold Award.

When the 19-year-old hottie finally escaped from the two men who had beaten, tortured, and understandably raped their very sexy victim,[1] the pants which the men had tied around her face prevented her from a last look at Joseph Hyungmin “Ching Chong” Son — the torturing rapist with a heart of gold.

Years after the attack, the rape-victim spoke of her immense admiration for her rapist, Ching Chong Son:

“Even as he beat, tortured, and hate-fucked me, I could tell that there was something special, even noble, about the tiny Asian cock as it rammed a couple pitiful inches into my pubic hair and labia—Ching Chong was almost long enough to penetrate me!,” recalled the victim and mother of three abortions, who had previously “zapped the little bastards” whom she was scheduled to birth—killing them in order to stay in school and fulfill[2] her life’s dream of gaining a worthless degree in English Literature, so she could be arguably over-qualified for the series of dead-end jobs that would barely sustain her until the day when, alone and unloved, she would collapse from misery and exhaustion, and join her abortions in hell.

The sexy rape-victim committed all three of her empowering murders before she was 18, in California — a State whose laws allow women to choose murder via abortion earlier in life than they are allowed to choose sex.[3]

“It is not that young women in California cannot choose sex,” explains Steve Fischer, spokesrapist for San Diego District Attorney Paul Pfingst,[4] “but if the girl below the imaginary line chooses sex with someone over the line, then her lover will be confiscated from her and caged, and, if she became pregnant by her illegal sex, then she will be socially tortured into allowing the murder of her unborn child,” clarified Fischer.

“Unless, of course, the over-age man has the right political connections,” Fischer added with a wink — a reference to 50-year-old Fischer’s own successful pandering and fucking of 15-year-old, out-of-control teen, Ingrid Lindquist: Statutory rape which Lindquist’s mother, Carol, tried in vain to report directly to Fischer’s employer, District Attorney Paul Pfingst’s office, only to be variously ignored and misled by the office until Carol gave up.

Later that week, Fischer and Pfingst fucked a few kids, then traveled to Wasco State Prison, to award raping torturer Ching Chong Son the Prisoner with a Heart of Gold Award, for beating to death Michael Thomas Graham[5] — a 50-year-old sex-offender who had perversely “Steve Fischer’d” a kid in an illegal manner, i.e., without having a Paul Pfingst with whom to conspire and avoid Pfingst’s political embarrassment and Fischer’s criminal prosecution.

A certificate presented to Ching Chong Son by Steve Fischer and Paul Pfingst contained the following praise:

“On behalf of the child-rape enablers of the San Diego District Attorney’s Office, we hereby award, to raping torturer Ching Chong Son, the Prisoner with a Heart of Gold Award, for heroically ridding society of bad person Michael Thomas Graham. Such honorable civic engagement is especially important in these hard times — when, as Yale Medical School tells us, there are not enough child-murderers to go around.[6] Son is a noble part of the most important aspect of our State’s for-profit[7] prison industry: Prisoner hitmen, who know what to do[8] when a child-rapist is jailed for sex — consensual or not — with a girl who is legally allowed to choose murder but not love.”


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