Silly self-identification as meager mis-identification

Well documented are the fickle, feeble facades of those hapless, harried hoards who “self-identify” (i.e. mis-identify) their gender for social pity and political reward—especially unloved, masochistic, suicidal men, whom ubiquitous misandry has relegated as modern eunuchs.

Less mentioned, yet ubiquitous, are those trans-ideological political-eunuchs who self-identify (i.e. mis-identify) their political persuasion:

Such self-identified (i.e. mis-identifying) “conservatives” as authored so-called Obamacare;[1]

the clarions of credulity who self-identify (i.e. mis-identify) as “progressive,” while advocating the most conservative canon possible: Extermination of the children of the poor, to make space and time for the children of the rich;[2]

and of course those jingoes, self-identified (i.e. mis-identified) as “lovers of liberty,” whose personal indulgences—mis-identified as “liberty”—by the terroristic maintenance which they require, inflict, upon the would, a significant net-loss of freedom.

In every case, the foundation of such self-identification (i.e. mis-identification) is a faith in moral-relativity, birthed and bent invariably by vanity and transitory delusion generally. In a word: It is not simply that it will not work; more purely: it cannot work.


[1] See Paul Abrams, The Affordable Care Act (“ACA” or “Obamacare”) was the conservative health care plan, fulfilling all major conservative principles (Huffington Post, 2017); see also Robert Reich, The irony of Republican disapproval of Obamacare (The Christian Science Monitor, 2013); but see Stuart M. Butler, Don’t blame Heritage for Obamacare mandate (The Heritage Foudation, 2012).

[2] “If you can’t feed them, don’t breed them,” has arisen as an articulation of a common enough article of faith among bourgeois advocates of child-murder: That any writhing peasant, to whom vile vassals of a centrally planned oligarchy have not deigned sufficient pittance, who dares to conceive a child—such children arrive on, and live or die by, the wheel of soical-roulette spun by the industrial preferences of one timocrat or another. Thence compulsion under the guise of a “right to choose:” The death of your child, else the death of at least your social-mobility, if not your immediate financial solvency. (Yet from the avalanche of ashes by this faustian bargain rise those familial phoenixes who would sooner slay the faustian frauds than their own children.)

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