Jewish lies vs black American truths: Answers to Ben Shapiro’s six questions

Fast-talking, lie-laden pseudo-Jew Ben Shapiro says plenty empty, feminine things, for example:

“It’s not useful to riot. It’s not useful to break things. It’s not useful to throw rocks at people.”

“The idea that we are supposed to equate your level of outrage to a level of justification for your actions — that is absolute nonsense.”

But during one famous exchange,[1] Shapiro asked six specific, loaded questions about black Americans:

(1) Why aren’t black kids graduating from high school?
(2) Why are blacks shooting each other at rates significantly higher than whites are shooting each other?
(3) Why is 13% of the population responsible for 50% of the murder in the United States?
(4) Why is the number of black kids in prison so high?
(5) Why has the single-motherhood rate in the black community jumped from 20% to 70% in the same course of time that the civil rights movement has made such tremendous strides?
(6) Is America more racist now than in the 1960’s, and if it is, how did that happen?

Following are the answers to foolish, racist Shapiro’s six questions:

(1) Why aren’t black kids graduating from high school?

Facts: Data from the Nation Center for Education Statistics suggest that while most blacks graduate from high school, still a greater proportion of whites than blacks (or browns) are trapped, into their years of early adulthood, in the heavy, heaving indoctrinational leviathan that is the modern public school system—learning to be factoid-faithful, and opinion-saturated, stupid people.[2]

And true enough, the attention to (inane and often inaccurate) detail, such as is fed to those who “stay in school,” will be often better rewarded eventually (by the centrally planned economy in the USA) than is rewarded the humanity and self-respect of the “drop-outs.”

However, that same tedious indoctrination which repels the superior black and brown children who choose sooner to reject the pale, sickly indoctrination — and instead to become adults — such is the same tedious indoctrination which increasingly shifts rewards away from educational merit and towards mere indoctrinational docility; thus, for example, rewarding ever more feeble-minded women in historic numbers, simply on account of women’s “superiority” in sitting still, obeying, and regurgitating. Meanwhile, the USA lags ever further behind much of the rest of the world in true education, among comparably developed nations.[3]

Ultimately, the answer to Shapiro’s question is simple: most blacks in the USA do graduate high school, and plenty of those who do not are often simply smart enough to realize (and brave enough to act on the fact) that white culture’s pale and sickly pseudo-educational indoctrination system is a “white elephant: … requiring much care and expense and yielding little profit,”[4] and that the “educational” system’s enforcers, i.e. psychiatrists, are all but entirely corrupt.[5]

(2) Why are blacks shooting each other at rates significantly higher than whites are shooting each other?

It is a testament to the honorable character of virtually all blacks in the USA, that only a tiny fraction of USA’s slave-descendants engage in violent physical altercations with others. Moreover, as to those who do engage in violent physical altercations with others: surrendering, to government, a monopoly on violence (i.e. surrendering a right to self defense, indeed self-preservation, to such entities as “the police”) discords with the libertarian spirit of the United States Constitution, especially discording with its second amendment, as well as the second paragraph of the United States Declaration of Independence, which recognizes that all people have a natural right to secure their own life and liberty, and that any government justly formed can, at most, facilitate that self-determination among the citizenry of which such a government is constituted.

Moreover, it is impossible to name a time in the history of the slave-built United States in which it would be anything but downright foolish for a black person to abnegate their natural right to self-preservation.

Furthermore, it is a testament to the endurance of the anti-black racism which founded and sustains so much of this nation — that so few accept or even recognize any black “gangs” (or any confrontational blacks generally) as being a matter of self-defense, indeed self-preservation.

*Meanwhile: the Ben Shapiros of the nation know perfectly well that the main reason Jews possess so much power in the U.S. is because of the success of Jewish gangs throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

(3) Why is 13% of the population responsible for 50% of the murder in the United States?

To be clear: Shapiro’s “13%” is a reference to black people as a percentage of U.S. population. However, the vast majority of the 50% of murders to which Shapiro refers are perpetrated not by “black people,” but rather by black men. Thus Shapiro’s question would more accurately be: “Why is 6.5% of the population (black men) responsible for 50% of the murder in the United States?” And still the question would be foolish and ignorant, at best, and seem reasonable only to, at best, foolish and ignorant people.

The facts: In 2016, the FBI recorded 15,070 murders in the United States.[6] And some part of those 15,070 brought about 9374 arrests.[7]

Now, for sake of argument, we accept that the black half of arrests for murder (4,935 of 9,374), which constitutes around 32.7% of the total murders (4,935 of 15,070), is extendable to the 38% of murders for which no arrest has been made (5,696; if, again, we accept that each murder is perpetrated by a unique murderer). Thus, at best, black men were responsible for about 7,535 murders in 2016, according to how the Ben Shapiros of the world would casually misinterpret the FBI crime stats.

Meanwhile, the afformentioned 6.5% of the U.S. population that are black men represents 21,171,747 people (6.5% of 325,719,178).[8]

But recall: Shapiro did not limit his generalized blame for black murderers to the 6.5% of black men in America: He said, “13% of people (the 42,343,493 black people in the United States) are “responsible for 50% of the [15,070] murder[s] in the United States.”

“Why is the black 13% of the United States population responsible for 50% of the murder in the United States?” -Ben “just another booksmart, brain-dead fake-Jew” Shapiro.

Therefore, Shapiro’s foolish, feminine (short-sighted) argument is that the 99.99983% of black Americans who did not commit murders in 2016 are “responsible” for the 7,535 (0.00017% of the U.S. black population) black murderers of 2016—because they are black.

Meanwhile, if Shapiro were anything more than a fast-talking, slow-thinking fraud-of-a-Jew, he would consider suicide to be a form of murder.[9] And he would thus be less concerned with racistly amplifying bad interpretations of statistics — and he would be more concerned with all the white-on-white self-murder in the United States:

In 2016, about 45,000 United States citizens self-murdered,[10] and a significant majority of those self-murderers were white.[11]

*Another way to look at it: blaming “blacks in general” for the crimes of a tiny fraction of black criminals is morally equivalent to blaming “Jews in general” for the fact that a handful of atheist kikes are let to demoralize the world as best they are able, through their influence in Hollywood and other havens of deceptive, degenerate dogma.

(4) Why is the number of black kids in prison so high?

The law of the land in this nation declares that certain forms of child-murder are a “human right,” and a matter of “privacy.”[12] Other laws of the same nation criminalize, for example, the growing of certain plants.[13] Moreover, the penalty for growing certain plants is to be caged in a private, for-profit prison.[14]

Thus the real question is this: how long before a real civil war, one truely fought against de facto modern slavery, to end the corrupt caging of people (and the evil commodifying of prisoners) — for such “crimes” as the illicit possession of plants?

(5) Why has the single-motherhood rate in the black community jumped from 20% to 70% in the same course of time that the civil rights movement has made such tremendous strides?

The “civil rights movement” of the 1960’s was Bread and Circuses[15] to distract from the government forcing millions of Americans to participate in the murder of millions of Vietnamese, Laotians, and Cambodians,[16] in wars based on lies.[17]

Moreover, after USA’s terrorism against Vietnam et al., the governors of USA’s centrally planned economy refocused on destroying black families in the U.S., through anti-father taxation that made it a crime for black families to collect “welfare” (i.e. the crumbs of reparations) if a father was in the household;[18] this, after scattering the fathers of USA’s black children throughout the world to further USA’s lie-based terrorism.[19]

(6) Is America more racist now than in the 1960’s, and if it is, how did that happen?

In a 2014 TED Talk,[20] journalist David Epstein described how virtually all of the improvements in athleticism over the last century are imaginary — more specifically that they are owed not to accurate predictions made by the religious cult of Evolutionism, but rather that the higher scores and lower times of modern athletes come from other factors, especially (1) technological advances, and (2) advances in the marketing of sports worldwide, such that being an athlete has become exponentially more lucrative, and thus professional athletic associations can attract better people, from around the world, into professional sports — people with highly specialized body-types that make them ideal for specific physical activities.

Therefore, progress in sports came from — as much as anything else — an increase in incentives for participating in sports.

Likewise, the United States is indeed a more racist place now than in the 1960’s, because the incentives to terrorize, mischaracterize, caricature, and humiliate black slave-descendants (i.e. modern slaves) are greater — and more diversified — than ever.

One example of the results of increased and expanded incentives to commodify and destroy blacks is news media’s constant caricatures of black people as generalized objects of variously pity, contempt, admiration, danger, excellence, failure, etc.

Another example of the results of increased and expanded incentives to commodify and destroy blacks is how Japanese,[21] French,[22] and Jewish[23] oligarchs, through their Jewish middlemen,[24] now frantically saturate the U.S. entertainment market with the most self-destructive black losers they can find — which serves the political and social purpose of justifying, in the minds of wider culture, the dismissing of blacks generally as self-destructive losers — who have no one but themselves to blame for anything.

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