We wuz invincible: the saga of some racist loser named Bernard Hopkins

A dozen or so generations ago, an array of racist European timocrats won the Special Olympics of world-conquest by variously resisting, defeating, and corralling several hoards of mediocre prairie-niggers.

This was hardly an “upset win,” given that the noble savages’ only preparation for war against the nobler white devils was to terrorize, displace, slaughter, and enslave a series of decidedly docile tribes — the kind of tribes whom modern black scholars, and other oxymorons, now pretend were the only tribes which the heroic Europeans easily upended to establish heaven-on-earth for the countless black slave-descendants whose opiates-of-choice are pride and pity.

Fast-forwarding from the robbing of land that rightly belonged to a few scattered groups of malevolent, drunken red losers; the timocrats provided the “right to vote,” to quell revolt by pretending democracy in a nation founded by slave-rapers who believed that (white) God created a nation in which all (white, land-owning men of refined character and respectable heritage) were created equal, and endowed by their (white) creator with certain inalienable rights — including life, liberty, and property (i.e. niggers to beat & breed).

Bouncing from one fraud to the next, the pale and sickly albino elites eventually deduced the efficacy of marketing the laughable notion of black supremacy.

One of black supremacy’s most embarrassing (entertaining) adherents was a frail little black racist named Bernard Hopkins.

Hopkins enjoyed nominal success as an apish athlete. As a particularly marketable pet, he was even rewarded with white (i.e. superior) women from time to time.

“Ya nigger ain’t neva gonna lose to no white boy! Ya nigger gots da melanin”
-Bernard Hopkins (paraphrased)

Then Joseph Smith, the martyred Mormon prophet who reincarnated as a construction worker and part-time boxer in Long Island, hilariously beat the breaks off the little black loser Bernard Hopkins — a fact that, as Hitler would say, is conveniently wiped away from the general thrust of modern black supremacist mantras chanted by the delusional and the venal to drown out the choruses of constant black defeat.

(footnotes upcoming)

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