Migrating to USA’s blood-drenched slave-state

Slaves built the United States — slaves who were owned by “settlers” who stole the land from the indigenous who inhabited the land for millennia before the settlers arrived.


A common enough commandment regarding the slavery is that slave-descendants are owed reparations.

Well, how much of the reparations paid to those slave-descendants should, in turn, be paid to the descendants of the indigenous whose ancestors were displaced directly by the actions of the ancestors of slave-descendants? After all: Slaves built the United States.

Thence comes the equivocation, the pandering — the absolving of black slaves who apparently were variously too weak or cowardly to do anything but contribute to the dispossession of indigenous people.

Yet what of the thousands of black slave-owners; those who, when not simply ignored by the modern historians and politicians, are justified away as a united black conspiracy against evil white slavery: the myth that blacks only owned slaves to set them free.

Meanwhile, even accepting that laughable fantasy for the sake of argument — still and again: what about the reality of black contribution to the usurpation of indigenous land?

The most commonly stated political (pretend) solution to the culpability of black invaders is that they were “forced to come here.” But that only covers the period before blacks were let, indeed encouraged and even sponsored, to leave from the so-called USA. Yet what of those who remained thereafter? How are any of them any less than persistent occupiers of indigenous land?

The political (pretend) answer to that is the most commonly held (yet never openly stated) reason for absolving blacks of their role in the usurpation of indigenous land, a faux-excuse which generally amounts to the following political concoction: “Blacks are not as bad as whites; blacks are more likeable that whites; other blacks had it rough; and, above all: all blacks mean well.”

The latter point is commonly slung around the political grooming-gangs of academia by black pseudo-intellectuals like Henry Louis Gates, Jr. of Harvard, and Cornell West of Princeton, and of course plagiarist Michael King, Jr. (better known by the name he culturally appropriated from Europe: Martin Luther King).

These eerily asinine, poop-colored frauds ceaselessly exude a belief in the notion that if enough hyper-educated, white-washed black pseudo-scholars proudly pity black invaders enough — while allowing other non-Europeans to tag along — then no one will notice how intellectually fat, sassy, lazy, and immoral is every weak-minded distraction trotted out by the chosen slaves of the USA warfare state.

Thus black Americans generally are, like white Americans generally, stunning hypocrites, who obviously owe some form of reparations to the dispossessed indigenous people of the land now called “USA.”

Now, the fun part: imagine that some form of moral lightning struck the black, white (and yellow) usurpers of indigenous land — and they wanted to “make things rights.” So what do they do?

“Well,” the simplistic story goes, “they should return the land.”

Cool story bro…to whom?

“Well, like, the indigenous.”

Ok…which, like, indigenous?

“The ones they stole it from!”

…why them?

Why not return the land to the tribes who were previously conquered by the tribes from whom the settlers “stole the land”? Obviously a robbed thief has no moral claim for the return of property which they themselves stole.

Usually, this problem is addressed by groundless granting of supreme pity-rights to whichever violent brown people kept no record of the massacres, or at least aggression, which led to their lease on the land — “they are the real original inhabitants,” goes the laughably untenable tale.

Thus, setting aside the fake moral claims to the USA by negroes and Indians (and white devils) — here we are on the 25th of November, 2018: faced with a “caravan of migrants” at the pearly steel gates of our heaven-on-earth;

a caravan which embodies the constant waves of fresh, worn-out faces — immigrants desperate to be “let in” as slave-labor, cannon-fodder, and voting mules; let in to a haunted land drenched in blood, threat, and fears: a warfare state, whose cynicalest jingoes pretend is a welfare state (to be fair, it can be reasonably argued that all warfare States are, at base, sustained by a form of welfare-state);

an expanded plantation, complete with a for-profit prison system, and laws against plant-ownership, murder-proscription, and telling the truth.

(Footnotes upcoming)

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