Growing up in the era of the amazing Mike Tyson

As a kid, my favorite manufactured celebrity was Hulk “if my daughter is going to fuck some nigger, I’d rather have her marry an 8-foot-tall nigger worth a hundred million dollars!” Hogan.[1]

But raised in the 80’s and 90’s, as a fan and practitioner of athleticism, especially contact sports, there was only one person to watch: Mike “I’ll fuck you ’til you love me, faggot” Tyson.[2]

When I was a kid, Mike Tyson made race irrelevant: whether his opponent was white or black (or medium brown), you didn’t bet against Iron Mike — that was just a bad bet.[3] You didn’t even bother rooting against Tyson — that was just a waste of time. Mike Tyson was the Michael Jordan of boxing: unstoppable.

In his heyday, no one blinked around Tyson: Outside the ring, blink and the match was over. Inside the ring, blink and your consciousness was over. But his opponents may as well have blinked;[4] because regardless, within a minute or two, they would be napping in front of fifty-thousand screaming fans.

Mike Tyson as a role-model

Funny thing though: For me, as a person who had won many fights (and certainly lost a few badly) what stood out about Tyson’s victories was not — at all — how badly he beat his opponents. Tyson’s victories were absolutely expected. What stood out about Mike Tyson was how, after each an every brutal victory, Tyson rushed over to his badly-defeated foe…and embraced him warmly. Or, after the more brutal knock outs, he hovered over them with concern.

As an angry, aimless white kid who fought to “feel tough” and to “seem dominant,” I could not, at the time, put into words how surreal it was to see so dominant a fighter as Mike Tyson show, every single time, a politeness, an immense kindness, even a humility — towards those who were clearly beneath him.

As an adult, I can describe it clearly: Tyson didn’t need to seem dominant — Mike Tyson was dominance. And Tyson did not need to “feel tough” — Mike Tyson was toughness.

And Tyson is tough: when first seeing interviews where Tyson responded to questions about the accident that killed his 4-year-old daughter,[5] I could have died from the vicarious sorrow I felt for the man who was, for me, in no sense an idol during my formative years but rather a mentor — a mentor less about fighting (our styles are completely different), he was a mentor about how to conduct yourself when you win, specifically: how you can turn on and off your killer instinct whenever you want to.

Monetizing weak, vain bitches and female fighters

Conversely, the modern era of boxing, MMA, etc. is full of pitiful, proud, insecure roosters — they are (with several exceptions) simply losers selling self-esteem to the weaker losers looking on.

And the same monetary, social, and political incentives to provide stress relief for loser men who regret being weak and slow are the same incentives for bringing women into full-contact fighting sports. And the only thing more pitiful than fight fans taking serious female fighters — are the female fighters themselves; whose attitudes, with few exceptions, are every bit as laughable and ridiculous as the “strawweight” and “flyweight” (etc.) fighters in the men’s division: pitiful, penis-envying women who brag about being “the toughest woman in the world” (or, the extreme case of Ronda “I get suicidal[6] when a girl beats my ass easily” Rousey; who pretended to believe that she could fight against men[7]); and the little, weak guys bragging about being “the best pound-for-pound fighters”[8] — i.e. “pretty much any fighter who weighs a little more than me can kick my ass easily.”

The braggadocio of women and weak, little men in fighting sports is embarrassing — but of course, that braggadocio began with a heavy weight.

Tyson vs. Ali: grace vs. gratuity

When Muhammad Ali sat along Mike Tyson in 1991, and said, “I’m scared of him,”[9] he didn’t literally mean it. Obviously, Ali was an all-but-worshipped former-champ, whom Tyson, and so many others, admired and respected. But never — not in his fighting years, nor after and up to his death — did Ali ever say something so deferential, even ingratiating, to another man.[10]

Yet this humility was too little, too late. Indeed, if Tyson was not groomed by his mentor Cus D’Amato to know that part of being a champion is being humble in victory — then Tyson would have followed, like so many others, in the footsteps of Ali, and been a “flamboyant,” indeed sassy, disgrace. (That is indeed where Tyson ended up, in the years following the death of his mentor, when rats and vultures preyed on Tyson and lured him into the delusional and the self-absorbed.)[11]

The stupidest of Ali fans will fall back on the fantasy that it was important for Ali to be a loud-mouthed braggart as a “fuck you” to the white culture of his time. Those who think that have not read Ali’s autobiography, The Soul of a Butterfly: Reflections on Life’s Journey, wherein Ali regrets the racist idiocy[12] to which plenty of his fans and fight-descendents still cling.

Just another scapegoat in a cultural of frantic, hypocritical cannibals

Over the decades, fans and promoters have transformed into downright cannibalistic vultures. And they love a good sacrifice. Tyson is generally out of the game,[13] and where he is still around, he is portrayed as more of a cautionary tale, a pariah, or a downright mockery. (Nevertheless, interested parties can check out Tyson’s awesome one-man-show.)

Through it all, Tyson has stood as a great role-model for grace and dignity, all things considered. He has shown how to “keep it real” when a feminine rat piece-of-shit casually trotted out the false accusations of rape against Tyson to try scoring political points.[14] Tyson has shown how to shut the show down by telling a bitchy little reporter, “You wouldn’t last one minute in my world . . . you’re scared like a little white pussy. Scared of the real man. I’ll fuck you till you love me faggot.”[15]

As Tyson as put it, he’s been “robbed of most of his money,”[16] so he is back to living, and likely will be dying, in desperation mode — promoting shit fights,[17] and promoting shit products, especially by cameo appearances for shit shows.[18] Regardless, for a flash in time, “Iron Mike” exploded into Teflon Tyson — and Michael Gerard Tyson shone like a diamond among the weeds and roaches of a dying culture.

Now back to regularly-scheduled modern sports fighting, where female fighters are flattered and enabled, while showing not even a flicker of character; where short, weak Mayweather-era fighters are millionaires;[19] and where professional sport generally, in the USA, is little more than a money-making political tool to distract from the extermination of countless normal black Americans.[19]


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