Blaming the KKK for everything will solve everything

There is no history of black-on-white gang-rape in the USA. More generally: No black person has ever committed a crime in the USA, because anything that any black has ever done was outdone during slavery, by the small fraction of whites who owned slaves.

Thus, blacks can only be victims — especially the thousands of blacks who owned slaves in the USA. They only owned slaves in the good way — because all black people are good, and they are all on the same team.

Again, no blacks ever gang-raped white women. Also no blacks ever murdered innocent white men. No violent black criminals caused whites to band together to form the KKK as a defensive measure against northern aggression and the violence and criminality of the angry, out-of-control black pets of southern oligarchs.

Rather, the KKK was created simply out of a love of hatred, and a hatred of love, as felt by evil white-trash southerners, all of whom had little dicks, could not dance, and were just jealous of black people’s strength, beauty, and charisma.

Furthermore, when all the good people wanted slavery to stop and for slaves to be returned to Africa — the KKK wanted slavery to continue and for the slaves to be kept in the USA.

Then when all the good people fought a war to end slavery — the KKK fought against the good people.

Then when the good people wanted to keep freed slaves in the USA, as cheap labor and voting mules — the KKK demanded that black USA citizens be sent “back to Africa.” The KKK demanded this because of their love of hatred and their hatred of love.

Throughout those times, the KKK spent all their time hating love, loving hate, and lynching black people for absolutely no reason.

And everyone with whom I disagree politically — is just like the KKK.

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