Discipline & negotiation (her edging, his crumbing, and their failed faith in desperate loyalty)

“I will be there for you! And you will be there for me too!”

Once upon a time, after a lifetime of timidity, he hopefully decided that it was safe to give her what she wanted, when she wanted, how she wanted. He began that night, by writing her into his will and life insurance policy. He told her the next morning. That night, she plotted with her disease-infested black pimp. The next morning, they burst into his home and began cutting and stabbing him. As he died, he thought, “This hurts even worse that I had ever feared!” Then, his final thought: “How could she let her greed outpace my love for her!?”

Overwhelmed by the adrenaline from killing him, they began fucking on the floor of his apartment, a few feet away from his dead body. As she aggressively backed into her pimp doggystyle, the pimp reached over her shoulder and flipped off the dead body. This made her laugh, and her laughter made her tired, blistered pussy tighten down on his lumpy, sore-covered cock; and, for the briefest of moments, the sensation from the tightening pushed back against her numbness a little.

They left his carcass emptying out onto the floor, got his wallet, and then, that evening, both overdosed on heroin.

Once upon a time, after a lifetime of distrust, she thought it safe to give him what he wanted, when he wanted, how he wanted — so she stopped edging him, sexually and emotionally; assuming that his words would still become action, even without any emotional desperation brought by sexual frustration.

He quickly moved in with her and her cats, and began leveraging the crumbs she had collected in life — squandering them to subsidize his various dysfunctions and addictions; wearing her down mentally, emotionally, and socially. Then, on the day when he destroyed the last of the light in her eyes — and as she was, more frantically than ever before, begging for more — he walked away.

Rather than waiting for the few years to pass before she would begin to die quickly by whatever sympton most rapidly arose from her broken heart, she climbed the fence of the overpass, and greatly inconvenienced many people.

“I will be there for you! And you will be there for me!”

They told themselves the lies that they needed to tell, to try believing they were part of something bigger than themselves.

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