California Wildfires: more death, more liberals lies and pettiness

History often repeats itself. This is certainly true with politics in the United States. And this is unsurprising. After all, liberals are nothing if not completely cowardly hypocrites.

Thus, the wildfires raging through California presently are a political opportunity[1] for morally retarded leftists to remind that Orange Man Bad.[2]

Meanwhile, in California about two decades ago, the Cedar Fires[3] killed fifteen people, including the father of my brother’s best friend.[4]

Thereafter, sinister Senators Boxstein[5] decried that, in the area which where the wildfires were found to have originated, there had been brush that was clearly known to have been fire hazard — yet the brush had not been cleared from the area.

Soon thereafter, Rush Limbaugh (et al.) discovered video of that very same California senator, a year or two prior, demanding that the “habitat” of that very same area be “preserved,” which prevented preventative measures, resulting in the wildfires.[6]


[1] See e.g. pitiful political zombie Jimmy Kimmel, and his “comedy routine” entitled “Donald Trump’s awful response to California wildfires” (

[2] Orange Man Bad: Know your meme (

[3] Cedar fires, Wikipedia (

[4] Gary Edward Downs “died in a ravine not far from his house, outside his burned-out Jeep Cherokee.” See Jia-Rui Chong and Julie Tamaki, Those who perished (Los Angeles Times, 2003). Fortunately, Downs had a life-insurance policy, which allowed his son, Sean Downs, to piss away 150k during the following year — on drugs, alcohol, and strippers for him and my brother, Blake Lindquist — as a cautionary tale about an aimless boy raised all but entirely by his lazy, indulgent mother.

[5] Living in California throughout the 90’s and 2000’s, it was customary to hear of Senator Barbara Boxer or Senator Dianne Feinstein doing something immensely retarded. Rather than keeping track of which did which, it will be usually be easier simply to refer to the idiocy as coming from Senators Boxstein. For the Feinstein’s idiocy regarding wildfires, See Ben Shapiro, Environmentalists fan the flames of hell (Townhall, 2003).

[6] The video seems to be gone from the internet. Nevertheless, this reporter saw first-hand the two videos, a year or so apart from each other, contrasting Feinstein’s fight against clearing brush before the Cedar Fire vs. Feinstein’s demented derision of “something needing to be done” about clearing brush — after the Cedar Fire.

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