Anti-rape Jews vs Pro-murder feminists

Anti-consequence, pro-murder activist: “MY BODY, MY CHOICE.”

Anti-rape, anti-murder activist: “True, that’s why we outlawed rape.”

History tells of a time before Jews civilized the world by outlawing rape, a time when a woman did not have the right to make decisions about her body — did not have a right to decide whether to become a mother through the consensual act of sexual reproduction.

History likewise tells of a time before patriarchal slave-masters propped up their feminists pawns to describe murder as a “human-right,” a time when both women and men, civilized by Jews, understood that consent to sex was tacit consent to parenthood: a time when society managed sexual behavior by managing marriage — a time before society used disease, misery, and other consequences of sexual corruption to trap and train its slaves into unquestioning obedience by rationing disease-management, misery-management, etc.

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