Jessica Lin, of Business Insider Singapore, is uglier than a Singaporean celebrity

Jessica Lin, of Business Insider Singapore, is extremely unattractive

Leave it the unfortunate-looking losers at Business Insider Singapore to amplify a story which humiliates some lady in Spain, because it will sell to aimless losers who will pretend that the story humiliates the presidential puppet whom they’ve been taught to hate.

Meanwhile, Jessica Lin and all the other funny-looking Singaporeans at Business Insider in Singapore know that Donald Trump is not a feminine-looking man, so the only realistic result of this article can only be to humiliate some latina potato farmer in Spain.

But none of that matters, because Business Insider, at in Singapore, are all only spineless, soulless, unattractive prostitutes of infotainment.

*Note: No pictures exist online either of Jessica Lin or anyone else connected with Business Insider’s affiliate in Singapore. This reporter would confidently bet his life that the lack of visual presence is because Jessica Lin and her handlers look every bit as bad as the goofy losers whom their country holds up as celebrities. Fine Jessica et al.: be ugly as hell, but despite what you have heard from other ugly Singaporeans: it will not make you feel any better to mock and scorn others for their looks.

some goofy Singaporean celebrities

Some goofy Singaporean “celebrities”

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