Dueling deities in an unfolding universe created for life

The jealous god of creation and the progressive god of destruction reject each other, given that to create requires hope, courage, and fertility; while to progress—in the oxymoronic, godless, destructive sense—requires fear, fraud, and sterility. Thus each god rejects, and will always reject, both the means and ends of the other.

Tools for the duel

Among the advantages enjoyed by the god of life is an ability to offer, and to assure, that which simply, manifestly, and eternally is, and the ability of those who accept that which is to do so without self-destruction.

Whereas an advantage for the god of death is that all things, including minds and morals, tend towards decay; thus providing a quantity of cannibalistic credulity which, death’s god helplessly hopes, will offset the lack of quality among those faithful to death. Moreover, such a hope hinges on blind and doomed faith in Evolutionary Materialist Progressivism (EMP).

EMP: An empty promise that the imaginary end will justify the murderous means

Meanwhile, Physics and EMP reject each other, given that only EMP holds a belief in destruction. More specifically: EMP dreams of leveraging the conservation of energy rule—that energy in an isolated system can be neither created nor destroyed—in order to justify pseudo-morally the wish for a wizardly fashioning of a utopia by extermination of the children of the poor, through homosexuality and abortion, and the cattle-izing of those who survive so as—through some undescribed, indeed impossible, part of the process—to recreate the entire world in EMP’s own myopic image.

Covering the tracks, setting the snares

Thence EMP’s frantic, self-destructive denial of its eternally insurmountable, fatal oversight: the system is not isolated.

Perpetually self-disavowed

Thus EMP’s limp, vain revisionism every time the unfolding of a universe created for life belies one after another of EMP’s self-important, self-worshiping, self-destroying death-cult mirages.

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