Myth of a previously necessary, benevolent feminism

“The left won’t celebrate [certain] history-making women, so we will” –Marcus A. Brown, quoting The Federalist dot Com.[1]

Response by Eric Schleag: “Feminism was a necessary ideology at the time when women were treated like animals. Now it holds them back.”

Russ Lindquist response to Schleag:

Myths like the one you’ve decided to swallow simply ignore the myriad elements of history for which they cannot account. For example: your feminine, foolish falsity that women were, as a group, “treated like animals” ignores, to say the least, the “white feather society”[2] and other original feminists and suffragettes who were war-mongering puppets and used to guilt and shame men into wars which they–the suffragettes–were not expected to fight.

Moreover, there are only two countries in the world where women self-murder at a rate anywhere near to men’s rate. Those countries are China and Bangladesh. They have achieved equality and then some: China is the only country in the world where self-murder by women outpaces self-murder by men.[3]

Moreover, so many women commit suicide in China that although men commit suicide 4x to 6x more often than women in all other countries — China’s suicide equality causes the worldwide difference in suicide between genders to be only 1.8, or only about twice as many men as women.[4]

And that fact about China allows us to accept provisionally the many data which show that, since betrayed by weak men like you into politically-weaponizing their penis-envy, women have only become more and more miserable.[5] (PDF)

The reality is simple: feminism and its enablers encourage women to be ignorant (unknowing), dishonest, and above all: insatiable (incapable of being satisfied). This is manifestly a recipe for female misery — which is a useful misery as a tool to keep busy the men who might otherwise threaten the power of those patriarchs currently reigning. After all, feminism began as, is, and will always be nothing more than a tool of patriarchs, to distract and stupefy women, by making the worse appear the better cause; as feminists wait for the day that never comes.


[1] “The left won’t celebrate [certain] history-making women, so we will”

[2] White Feather as a symbol of cowardice to shame men into war:

[3] Women in China commit suicide more often than men:

[4] Gender difference in suicide worldwide, World Health Organization:

[5] The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness (PDF), Stevenson and Wolfers:

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