The benefits of news media dictated by insane Zionists

“National news is a drug, prescribed to harmonize lies among factions in the nation” —Reality

A persistent myth, unspoken and virtually universal, is that the focus of national news is, to some extent, descriptive—that its aim is to describe what is. But minimal objective analysis, which neither sells well nor is politically safe, invariably shows that national news is only ever prescriptive: its progenitors aim only to prescribe and persuade—even at the expense of description, of information.

Moreover, in the rare instances where news provides real information, it does so only to provide a context for its prescriptions—plenty of which are mere proscriptions. Information is a tool of thought, and the political gatekeepers of news only provide the information necessary to describe how to think about a topic—when they are confident that they can dictate what to think about the topic.

Obama aka Bush in half-black-face

Given all this, it is unsuprising—indeed it is predictable—that USA’s national news, in 2007, systematically shifted the attention of a nation wary of lies and weary of war—off of “Bush’s war,” onto Obama’s race.

Then the news simply continued their shell-game for political change: continuously clouding Obama’s continuance of Bush’s wars, by propping up the popularity of an endless procession of pawns and puppets—drenched in white guilt, black gullibility—to remind that fake black causes are more important that real white wars.

Trump aka Obama in orange-face

The prism of political distraction only intensified with Trump as president, with his focus on trade, immigration, political correctness—everthing but war; where the information of the marriage of Trump’s daughter to a Zionist, and her conversion to the religion of Metzitzah B’peh, served only to prescribe a precedent of greater-than-ever normaliztion of Zionist influence on USA’s war-mongering—allowing Zionists finally to begin lurking in the foreground, as opposed to the traditional background.

To be concluded

Meanwhile, with Zionist self-indulgence more popular than ever, the psychopathy of Zionists predictably escalated in tandem with their intensifying stranglehold on public perception.

But it all only accelerated the misery and self-murder among Zionists—who hate and fear themselves and each other even more than they hate and fear the rest of the world.

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