Downward spiral of Identity Politics and Greivance Studies

Grievance Researchers[1] James Lindsay et al. successfully published several instances of professedly falsified junk-science in several pseudo-scientific, yet “academic,” journals — including one “study” published by a feminist academic journal, where the researchers simply quoted from Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and changing “Jews” to “white men” (note the use of the worship of anti-Hitler mythology as a supposedly self-evident controlling principle). Elsewhere, cultural studies pioneers had already published troll research on the “deconstruction of Postmodern Gravity.”[2] The troll then mocked the publication, and the publisher responded, with a hilarious lack of self-awareness, by calling the troll “ill-read and half-educated”–even as the publisher had considered the “ill-read and half-educated” troll to be entirely publication-worthy, when the troll told the pallid publisher what they wanted to hear.

By the actual data drawn from the results of successfully publishing such junk data, research teams demonstrate, in academia, that which is perfect obvious in politics: many fools in the modern era have regressed from needing to be lied to — to wanting to be lied to.

Meanwhile, the mid-term elections of 2018 demonstrated that same vapid venality: every leftists that failed had failed, according to their teammates, because of their identity; and every lefists that succeeded had succeeded because of their identity. Moreover, all that the rightists essentially offered was the ultimate in identity politics: that they were not leftists.

Follow are a few snippets of highlights from the mid-term fiasco of foolishness:

Ocasio-Cortez, young, female, retarded

BREAKING NEWS--dainty, adorable cis-gender woman pretends to be transwoman...because this thing was clearly born a woman

BREAKING NEWS: dainty, adorable cis-gender woman Christine Hallquist pretends to be transwoman…because this thing was clearly born a woman.

Anti-merit gender-baiting

Gillum, Tallahassee mayor has a ''historic run'' -- because he is the color of poop

Mayor of a crime-ridden shithole wants to upgrade his responsibility

tallahassee is a crime-ridden shithole, but2

Tallahassee is a crime-ridden shithole

tallahassee is a crime-ridden shithole, but...

Tallahassee is a crime-ridden shithole — but did the pop-colored mayor really make Tallahassee worse? ORDER NOW!

tallahassee crime as a political talking-point

Tallahassee crime as a political talking-point for Obama-in-Orange-Face

limp, effeminate white men, while being phased out, happy to pretend they are witnessing the phasing out of their political opponents

Behold: limp, effeminate white men, while being phased-out, happily pretending that they are witnessing the phasing-out of their political opponents. (In the background: various, aimless females with cotton crammed up their holes.)


[1] James A. Lindsay, et al., Hoaxers slip “Breastaurants” and “Dog-Park [rape-culture]” into journals (New York Times, 2018)

[2] Janny Scott, Postmodern gravity deconstructed slyly (New York Times, 1996).

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