Rape Culture myths: just some of countless, self-destructive pivots

Demanding “free love” self-determination

In the 1960’s, pretentious regression by cyclical “progress” of a proud culture successfully tempted many citizens into rampant rejection of self-control—generally and above all sexually. Successively thereafter sprouted cavalcades of excuses for, and tepid adjustments to, the inevitable consequences of the widespread, immoral self-worship with which they had supplanted self-control.

Demanding self-determination: child-murder as a “human right”

The most glaring adjustment was the 1973 utilitarian codification of child-murder mandates masked as “reproductive rights”—establishing that the ultimate extent of a “progressive” society’s burden for the children of the poor was to label the unborn burdens “undue”—and to establish ways and means for the extermination of such “undesirables,” as they are, by “progressive” murderers, considered to be. Thus, the cutthroat cobbling of a pressure-relief valve for the inevitable consequences of sexual lawlessness.

Demanding medication to mask symptoms: self-destruction as a “human right”

Moreover, “oral gays” became a thing—as a sociological bandaid for the physiological axe-wound brought by men addicted to homosexualism; that is, addicted to brutalizing their immune system by squandering their potential—impatiently, even frantically—into the low-hanging fruit of other men’s rectums.

How “progressive” degenerates course-correct

Equally futile was the tower-of-cards 50 years into the cycle; when, rather than admitting the moral-defeat of their free-love fatal feat, the “progressives” pivoted back to trumpeting the selfsame self-control that, thitherto, they had mocked, scoffed—all but outlawed—for three full generations.

Patriarchy’s harems demand greater surveillance and punishment of the degrading and dangerous sexuality of men

However, rather than appealing to any semblance of principle, “progressives” instead invented the utilitarian myth of a “rape culture,” whereby they (1) cited a series of transactional sexual-encounters (all the remotely verifiable of which were committed by members of their own political side); (2) decried the transactions as “immoral” (based on absolutely nothing but political fiat, and fueled by nothing but fickle feminist farces); (3) thence demanded a collective puritanism wholly alike the patriarchy in Sweden, England, Afghanistan, and elsewhere—who sanctimoniously save women from themselves by autocratically curtailing the rights, and expanding the accountability, of the men and boys who interact with women and girls (i.e. culture’s commodified social-veal: chained down, kept weak and soft, consumed).

Frumpy ninja theory: rape culture won’t exist where it is a crime for (low-class) men even to look at a woman (it’s all the protection for which a “feminist” could ever beg)

On and on, they continued: “progressing” first proudly—and then self-pityingly—through a cyclical set of warnings and reminders that warned and reminded: natural law permits self-destruction.

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