Chattel athletes: the slave-ethic of mediocre sports

Once upon a time, a team of atheist pseudo-Jews sued white culture for promoting white supremacy by advocating that society shift its interest from slave-sports to real sports.[1]

The lawsuit, joined by pseudo-Jews’ black chattel athletes,[2] claimed that it was “racis” to implode the myth of black physical superiority[3] by drawing cultural attention towards swimming, ultra-distance racing, and elite sports generally[4]—and away from the mind-numbing slave hobbies of basketball, boxing, American football,[5] and all the other mediocre ghettos of athleticism where pseudo-Jews’ brain-dead black chattle were capable of dominating.[6]

It was racist, claimed the crafty pseudo-Jews, because their chattel was at a disadvantage, since white people in the USA had, for hundreds of years,[7] racistly forced American Africans to continue the African tradition of simple-minded, self-indulgent mediocrity—so it was racist to “red line”[8] blacks out of athletics by adding any intellectual component which exploited the fact that the median IQ of Africans throughout the world is in the high 70’s, which technically categorizes them as mentally retarded[9] (i.e. perfected for political punditry in an era where mongrelized hordes, rendered barely capable of sustained thought, insisted that their constant dosing of simplistic platitudes be administered by regally poop-colored people).

Throughout the trial, pseudo-Jews’ premiere chattel athletes were called to testify about how a cultural shift towards a focus on real sports and intellectual rigor would result in the absolute impossibility of continuing to use the narrow, boring, slave-tailored athleticism of exceptional blacks to foster vicarious, vain complacency in ordinary, doomed blacks—and worse: how it would ruin the market-value of the pseudo-Jews’ chattel athletes.

“Fers ov all, da ceiling is da roof!,”[10] reminded Michael Jordan, who was legendary for his superb scampering on the flat, mind-numbing human-hamster-wheels that pitiful coons such as Jordan referred to as basketball courts.

“Das rite! And no Viet Cong eva called me a nigger!,”[11] mumbled brain-damaged boxing icon Cassius “Aisha Ali”[12] Clay, who heroically rejected “da wyt man’s slave-name” for him, re-naming himself after the first child-bride of Islam—paying homage to an Arab culture that—throughout history—brutalized, enslaved,[13] and murdered countless niggers.[14]

“I wuz could happen if dey havin da mos of some of da time,” added Evander Holyfield, another brain-damaged boxing great.

“Izza deed budda doobah,” lamented another boxing champion, Riddick Bowe—demanding to know why black athletes were underrepresented among world-revolutionizing thinkers and inventors.

“Furthermore, there is a tendency in White America to presuppose various pithy perspicacity vaunting specularly mendacious law, theory, and covenant, which is illustrative proof of the fact by which black people cannot be racist,” sassed black intellectual Michael Eric Dyson, having been called as an expert-witness to refute the claim that black intellectuals can rise above the level of eerie vapidity.

After many more powerfully deranged testimonies by slow-witted, fast-living, quick-dying[15] black mascots on behalf of their pseudo-Jewish handlers, the case for the prosecution was rested as follows by Jewseph Shekelberg, executive director of The Margaret Sanger[16] Institute for Black Excellence in Athletics:

“A myth of black progress cannot be pretended if pop-culture fails to continue focusing on the tiny fraction of activities where our delusional, self-worshiping, mediocre chattel athletes dominate!”

After that, the defense came out powerfully, calling first their most famous witness, Kanye West, who had promised that his testimony would “revolutionize the world and bring the Democrat plantation to its knees,” by thinking for himself:

“I understand that I’m a servant. And with my voice, with my ability to build relationships with amazing people and speak to amazing people. I can call Elon Musk out of the blue, or call Obama out of the blue. He calls my home phone, by the way.[17] Old niggas mentally still in high school. Since the tight jeans they never liked you. Pink-ass polos with a fucking backpack, but everybody know you brought real rap back. Nobody else had swag. Man, we the Rat Pack. Virgil Pyrex, Don C snapback Ibn diamond Chi-town shining. Monopoly in this bitch. Get a change of climate. Hop in this bitch, and get the same thing. I’m in until the day I get struck by lightning. I am a God, so hurry up with my damn massage, in a French-ass restaurant.”[18]

French-ass References

[1] Real sports require a confluence of mindfulness, courage, and humility, reaffirming the transcendence of the human experience. Slave-sports require only adrenaline and a willful rejection of higher-ordered thinking.

[2] For a primer on Jews capitalizing on the commodification of black human beings, see The secret relationship between blacks and Jews, written by Louis Farrakhan—a person so antisemitic that he is willing to recklessly point at reality and say, in so many words, “Hey, look at what Jews brag about doing.”

[3] If objective inspection between and among the so-called “races” of the world teaches anything, it is that there is no “overall superiority”—rather, there are trade-offs. See e.g. Thomas Sowell, The vulgar pride of intellectuals (Hoover Institute, 2012).

[4] In real sports, white people are, to say the least, not the scarce, awkward, token players that they often are within the degenerate sports that are crawling with over-grown, feeble-minded hip-hop fans.

[5] If the average interview of a professional-level player of a slave-sport is not enough evidence of degeneracy, then consider also the several court cases against the NFL for the failure to warn its violent idiot players that continually banging a head into things can be unhealthy. See e.g. Claims in NFL concussion settlement hit $500 million in less than 2 years (CBS News, 2018).

[6] For a glimpse of the fact that much of black braggadocio is entirely dependent on systematically narrowed interests, See Barry Glendenning, 50 stunning Olympic moments No11: Eric Moussambani flails way to glory (The Guardian, 2012); but see also the many frantic attempts to prove that blacks—i.e. USA’s mascots-of-choice—dominate at everthing, swimming included: Dana O’Neil, The future of U.S. swimming is 6 feet 9, 17 years old — and African American (Washington Posts, 2017); Mia Hall, Cullen Jones, Simone Manuel and the Impact of Blacks in Swimming (NBCBLK, 2016); Why Simone Manuel’s Olympic gold medal in swimming matters (BBC, 2016).

[7] The vulgar pride of black political-mascots, and their enablers, compels them to pretend that blacks are always victims; even as, for example, (A) the transatlantic slave-trade began with blacks—See The Transatlantic Slave Trade, ¶1 (Harvard Divinity School, 2018)—and (B) during antebellum USA, thousands of blacks owned slaves. See Henry Louis Gates Jr., Did Black People Own Slaves?, ¶8 (The Root, 2013).

[8] “Red-lining” was the melodramatic pejorative hypocritically affixed to the race-based free-association among the political opponents of white liberal elites—even while those liberal hypocrites, themselves, had precisely zero black neighbors.

[9] Only mentally weak, politically stupid, morally retarded people place great value upon IQ scores.

[10] See Cindy Boren, Michael Jordan shakes the world by saying the ceiling is the roof (emphasis omitted) (Washington Post, 2017).

[11] See Bob Orkand, I Ain’t Got No Quarrel With Them Vietcong, ¶3 (emphasis omitted) (New York Times, 2017).

[12] Of course Cassius Clay rather renamed himself “Muhammad Ali—not after the child-bride but rather after her husband, the founder of Islam. See Susan Gonzalez, Muhammad Ali originally named for ardent abolitionist and Yale alumnus Cassius Clay (Yale News, 2016) (noting that Ali traded the name of a famous slavery abolitionist in exchange for the name of one of the world’s most famous slavers).

[13] See Susan Abulhawa, Confronting anti-black racism in the Arab world (Al Jazeera, 2013).

[14] It should never cease to startle that, among so many within the modern slave-states, the “n-word” startles far more readily—than do mentions of slavery, terrorism, and murder.

[15] Black life-expectancy is shit, owed primarily to the shit habits of so many black Americans. See Baquet et al., Esophageal cancer epidemiology in blacks and whites: racial and gender disparities in incidence, mortality, survival rates and histology, §abstract §3 (NCBI, 2005). Meanwhile, to leverage black foolishness into political power, liberals consistently lie or mislead about the causes of death among reckless blacks. See e.g. Cunningham et al., Vital signs: racial disparities in age-specific mortality among blacks or African Americans — United States, 1999–2015, §Key Points ¶3 (CDC, 2017). This is similar to how sexual degenerates, by their sexual degeneracy, tend to torture themselves into suicide—See Facts about suicide (The Trevor Project, 2018) (quoting Kann et al., Sexual identity, sex of sexual contacts, and health-risk behaviors among students in grades 9-12: Youth risk behavior surveillance. (CDC, 2016))—even as liberals readily leverage, into their own political power, the results of the misery of sexual degenerates. See id. at ¶9. (quoting Mustanski et al., Mental health disorders, psychological distress, and suicidality in a diverse sample of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youths (Am. J. Pub. Health, 2010)).

[16] Margaret Sanger would have loved to exterminate all niggers from the world. See Jennifer Latson, What Margaret Sanger really said about eugenics and race (Time, 2016)(sugar-coating the author’s favorite pro-murder racist). Now Sanger’s legacy, i.e. Planned Parenthood, murders black children every day. See 4 groups that would be disproportionately hurt by defunding Planned Parenthood (emphasis omitted) (Planned Parenthood, 2018). See also id. at ¶1 (noting that “It’s not the old, rich, white men, [the ones] trying to shut Planned Parenthood down [who would be hurt by defunding Planned Parenthood]”). Compare this to the fact that the foundation of Planned Parenthood’s child-murdering allowance was established by the opinion in Roe v. Wade (1973)—the opinion of seven old, rich, white men of the judicial goverment.

[17] See Nash Jenkins, Kanye West’s 40-minute lecture at Oxford University is now available online (Time, 2015).

[18] See Kanye West, I am a god (Def Jam, 2013).

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