Limited power of the anti-freedom Zionists who control US media through sociological terrorism

The radical Zionist government in Israel silences voices that the government doesn’t want heard. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a hypocritical chicken who lays eggs of propaganda. Netanyahu and his team of anti-freedom radical Zionists inflict, upon their political opponents, an ideological silencing campaign, using economic weapons.

Meanwhile, in the United States, the pawns of the anti-freedom Zionists who control the US media would seek to silence, and likely to destroy, anyone who would make the statements contained in the preceding paragraph. But the anti-freedom Zionists who control US media know the limits of their anti-thought sociological terrorism, and so they simply ignore (or otherwise carefully hide) such authors as the one who wrote the ideas of the preceding paragraph—because the ideas were written by Carolina Landsmann,[1] an Israeli Jew; and, in 2015, those statements of Landsmann were published in Harretz,[2] the oldest newspaper in Israel.[3]

Countless—literally uncounted—Zionists in Israel and beyond decry the sociological terrorism inflicted on citizens of the US (and throughout the world) by truth-hating, Torah-hating,[4] atheist propagandists in Israel—regardless that the decrying is hidden from much of USA’s citizenry due to the strangle-hold on US media held by anti-freedom Zionist traitors aimed at helping the radical Zionist government in Israel to silence voices that the Israeli government doesn’t want heard—as plenty Israeli Jews warn throughout their lives.


[1] Carolina Landsmann, articles for Harretz.

[2] Carolina Landsmann, Israel’s government is silencing criticism by choking its wallet (Harretz, 2015).

[3] Haaretz on Wikipedia.

[4] Research the three oaths, which forbids Israel being established as it was—with Arthur Balfour blasphemously playing the part of Messiah (see the anti-Torah Balfour Declaration, 1917).

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