Top 10 ways to earn and keep addiction

Self-destruction is as popular as ever, and addiction is an essential tool for earning, keeping, and accelerating self-destruction. Plenty paths exist to addiction as a door to self-destruction. Following are the top 10 ways to earn and to keep addiction, in order to hasten self-destruction.

(10) Accept low self-esteem. Weakness is the foremost strength for charging towards self-destructive addictions.

(9) Find enablers who will help you to waste your time and potential. Developing addiction in solitude is a waste of time. Plenty poisonous people will gladly infect you with their dull and heavy priorities, which can catapult you far faster into addiction than you can ever manage on your own.

(8) Spread your low self-esteem and self-hate. Encourage others to be as miserable as you are. Few things make it easier to descend into time-wasting and other forms of addictive cowardice than to develop the habit of tempting others to a poisoned path — or at least nudging them off a relatively good path.

(7) Squander work-time by obsessing about previous, potential, or upcoming free-time. Deciding to be forever distracted from the present moment can quickly turn life into one long steady, powerfully counterproductive series of addictions.

(6) Squander free-time by worrying about the end of the free-time. Obsessively clinging to what you have is very useful for destroying your current and future potential. This certainly applies to free-time, which can be quickly and easily poisoned by the fear of losing it — which is a sure way to avoid using free-time for rejuvenation. And such avoidance is practically the definition of addiction.

(5) Banish your positive thoughts, as often and completely as possible. Focusing on positive thoughts leads to motivation and progress, both of which are deadly to the goal of self-destructive addiction. To avoid motivation and reach the goal of addiction, it is imperative to avoid positive thoughts. The best way to develop such avoidance is through constant distraction — swamping yourself in a large variety of shallow interests and dead-end pursuits.

(4) Banish your negative thoughts, as often and completely as possible. Focusing on negative thoughts leads to mental resolve and measurable solutions, which are deadly to the goal of self-destructive addiction. To avoid solutions and reach the goal of addiction, it is imperative to avoid negative thoughts — by casting them aside, whether through cowardice, hypocrisy, self-deception, or otherwise.

(3) Disguise your timidity as humility. More generally: to supercharge your race towards addiction, it is extremely important to indulge in the hypocrisy of masking your weaknesses as strengths — as often and ridiculously as possible.

(2) Hold grudges and stay faithful to your victimhood. A belief in personal responsibility inevitably amounts to a belief in personal response-ability, which renders the goal of addiction absolutely impossible. Instead, people aimed for addiction must dutifully surrender their hope and faith to a belief that everyone else holds the cards, calls the shots, has the options, makes the mistakes.

(1) Most generally: to earn, keep, and accelerate addiction — seek after and accept people and things that instill the seven deadly sins: Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Sloth, Greed. To establish the living-death of addiction, it is imperative to reject reality, and a key to rejecting reality effectively is to reject the concept of consequences. Each and every day when you can convince yourself to pretend that you do not recognize that consequences exist — that will be a day where it is a certainty that you will earn, keep, and accelerate addiction.


Armed with the above top 10 ways to earn, keep, and accelerate addiction, it is easily possible to pretend an ability to hide away from life — and to die far sooner and sadder than necessary.

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