Sarah Jeong proves Harvard’s point about book-smart, brain-dead Asians’ lack of personality

Sarah Jeong

Jeong, a 30-year-old woman shaped like a 12-year-old boy, is a little yellow fixture — not unlike a urinal — at the Jew York Times, whose lockstep diversity of color camouflages (in the minds of the Atheist Pseudo-Jew leaders) their slavish uniformity of Zionist agit-prop thought.

Cancel white people” -Goofy gook Sarah Jeong, graduate of Harvard Law School.

Harvard has received plenty heat from zombified boring Asians, after being “exposed” for holding Asians’ terrible personalities against them during the admissions process.

Then along came shapeless Sarah Jeong, aka the little yellow legacy of her charity-case parents, decidedly proving the need to hold book-smart, brain-dead Asians’ lack of personality against them.

In response to Harvard hatefully describing reality, every Asian parent of a book-smart, brain-dead, boring Asian signed a joint letter condemning the Jew-infested shithole formally known as Harvard:

“How dare you, Harvard! We Asian parents PROUDLY physically beat and emotionally torture our children into being hyper-studious, anti-social zombies in order to create the perfect wage-slave to support us as we age! We, the worthless zombified parents of high-functioning Asian victims of child abuse, DEMAND that our rampant culture-wide abuse of our children continue to be rewarded as ‘well, Asians are just smart, I guess’!!!”

*Post Script: To watch a film adaptation of Asians doing their best impression of Atheist Pseudo-Jews — pretending their tedious dysfunction is endearing — check out the Asian-hilarious (i.e. boring) film Crazy Rich Asians.

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