Jew York Times features the hilarious racism of its pet ape Niecy Nash (1 844 WYT FEAR)


Niecy Nash bares it all for some awards show

Sassy, feminine Niecy Nash bares it all for the “Crakkkas be like” awards show on BET

Are you a black pet of the sniveling Zionists at the Jew York Times? Do you religiously follow news coverage of Dylann Roof and other white needles in the haystack of black-on-white violence?

Do you bounce back and forth, from manically pretending that blacks are all badass and dominant, to depressively pretending that blacks are all models citizens whom no one treats fairly?

If so, then sassy, feminine Niecy Nash has a hilarious video for you (watch it below), about how white people are afraid of black people, and always call the cops on black people for no reason.

The video serves as another of countless pieces of evidence which prove that Margaret Sanger, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, etc. are right about the need to exterminate black people through targeted abortions.

UP NEXT: Stay tuned for the Jew York Times, home of hilarious gook Sarah Jeong, to feature hilarious videos mocking Metzitzah B’peh, the fetish of Jews in New York — and around the world — who cut up and suck baby dicks, sometimes killing the babies. Oh wyt people — you’s so goofy.

PS: To end blacks’ right to vote, simply require voters to be able to pronounce “ask” and “similar.”

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