Sociological acid-attacks of the West

The minions of patriarchy — each one consumed with cowardice, envy, and wrath — will torment any woman who steps whatsoever out of the shadow of her protectors. Then the minions impossibly pretend to pass moral judgment on that vast majority of women — those rendered frantic and passive-aggressive — who are able only to navigate imperfectly the torturous gauntlets of dueling patriarchies — the patriarchies’ pendulums of female-privileges, that never last longer than the political erection of the moment.

The biggest argument of the minions in the West, more or less: “Hey!, at least we do not throw acid in the faces of women who reject our marriage-proposals!” This, a half-truth, conveniently fails to acknowledge the infinite sociological acid-attacks at men’s disposal, which any man can wield against any woman at any moment of any day — despite the facade of security in these harems — any one of which can render any woman as socially disfigured as any acid-attack.

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