TI: just another pitiful black guy who dreams of white women


black power

A “racist” depiction of black Americans…and it is based on absolutely nothing…just hate…completely made up…doesn’t reflect anything that anyone has every seen regarding black “style,” short-sightedness, and self-indulgence. That’s why it must be decried as “racist”…by any and every black pet that white liberals can find who is NOT strikingly similar to the depiction.

As we all know, the myth of “black power” is hilarious. Also, it’s a running gag in the white community to gift black men with the ugliest white women — women with self-esteem so low that they are willing to spend their life subsidizing the fantasy of some pitiful black guy who think he is both pitiful and power — he’d be a kang frfr…but the white man jus won’t let him!

However, one person whom we in the white community never expected to catch with our tricknology was Clifford “Cock-gobbler” Joseph Harris Jr. aka TI, a rapper whose father once sucked 37 white dicks — in a row.

TI recently exposed his desperate desire for any white woman he could get, by featuring himself in a video with a prostitute meant to look like a more famous prostitute owned by the current political figurehead. It’s all very primal. Up next, TI’s people will invent the wheel.

But the crazy thing is this: WHY!? Why would TI ever want to indulge in a fantasy about almost-attractive white women — when he has the star power to earn himself such a beautiful woman!?

ti tiny

TI got hoes in different area codes, to help him forget the real world.

ti tiny2

A rapper in his natural habitat: being angry about the quality of woman who is willing to put up with his petty nonsense. “But I gots da money!!” …no one cares.


TI just showing off his big watch and his…beautiful…that.


“Imma jus wear dis velvet jacket, bow tie, and scowl wif my kween!” -some ashy, piss-colored guy called TI, who is NOTHING like the “racist” depictions of a goofy black loser with zero sense of aesthetics.

ti tiny5

“Carpe canum”: seize the dog!

ti tiny6

TI: taking one for the team since the year 2000. “She gots da prettiest tattoos above her titties. She so classy.

ti tiny7

“You jealous mah nigger?” Fun fact: TI’s eyes are fine — he just wears very strong glasses to blur his vision… it makes life easier.

And da womens gots da flava too…


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