Patriarchy, feminism, & MGTOW in one GIF


Within patriarchy’s worldwide harem, each sterilized sexual-outlet knew that she could demandingly beg men for privilege whenever she wanted: a privilege to vote men into war; a privilege to murder men’s children in the womb; a privilege to beg men to track down and cage any sperm-donor who refused to pay her for the children whom she decided not to kill; a privilege to beg men to force other men to subsidize, through one-sided taxation, her sad slow descent to the grave.

Deep inside each feminists — in the part that remained human despite the immense hypocrisy brought by the hyper-socialization inflicted upon her — she knew that pretended “feminism” was fundamentally fraud, and that she was simply a consumable commodity allotted, by the patriachy, to their chosen middle-men.

The patriarchy sequestered all sexual-outlets who were remotely fit to breed — gifting them to the most useful, obedient pawns; while hanging out the flesh of the lesser, as bait to entice lesser men into hoping against hope for an allowance of the most natural happiness.

Eventually, this cultural rot brought a subset of failed sons who called themselves “MGTOW” (mig-toe) — Men Going Their Own Way. The manic masochism of each MGTOW man bent him under the despair of his mommy-issues, and compelled him to give up on begging beset women to play the role of his favorite pliant, pleasant peer — his mom (while, at the same time, giving up on women in general — completely, or at least as much as he could afford).

this is not a gif

Then one day, two pot-bellied MGTOW men were in the background at the beach, staring at the waves, content to accept the patriarchy’s law that lesser men must ignore all the prime sexual-outlets who prance around public in dental-floss.

Whenever in public, each prime sexual-outlet desperately hoped to attract a worthwhile man — one who could upgrade her to a breeder, or at least to a kept sexual-outlet.

Each prime sexual-outlet knew that enforcer men were everywhere: always ready to bark at any lesser men who might diminish a sexual-outlet’s sexual-stock by sneaking an illegally lengthy glance; ready to maul any lesser man who would dare to sneak an illegal touch.

But one day, when enforcer men were not around, a lesser man not only snuck a glance at the protegé of a former breeder — he recorded his crime. The evidence shows that the former-breeder alerted her youthful mirror; that the mirror swung around to visually confront her assailant, with her eyes as threatening as she could pretend while wearing dental-floss.

Then she realized, by the criminal’s lack of worry evidenced by his continued abusive noticing, that no enforcer was near enough. Immediately in that instant, she rushed to hide her face (the most human, thus the most valuable, part of her marketing gimmick), rushing to avoid providing the criminal with any more fodder with which — later, hidden away — to meditate masochistically while masturbating away his potential for anything more than sneaking peaks at violent sexual-outlets within the patriarchy’s worldwide harem.

And that criminal evidence is here.

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