Powerful femininity vs pitiful feminism

*a note to Devin O’Neil and those similarly situated: to every self-deceiving, female-anesthetized man who exalts the women in his life to the status of his ‘leader’.

The myriad modern feminist suicide anthems — of Sia, Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, every she-rapper, etc. — powerfully remind that feminism is simply a vain delusion which is invariably tied to hypocrisy, and wholly dependent on death.

Faith in the fraud that is feminism depends on early and often death. After all, anyone who lives long enough learns that feminism is an absolute cultural dead-end that relies on weak, foolish men — and even weaker, foolisher women. Obviously, only the weakest and foolishest of women would accept empty, fictionalized, self-destructive flattery and pseudo-empowerment within a manic faux-matriarchy — at the expense of her natural, womanly birthright within a benevolent patriarchy.

And her choices are only among dueling patriarchies.

All faux-matriarchies are, in the end, patriarchies in disguise: behind every fake female leader is one or more men enforcing her falsity. Thus, there is never the rule of a woman — only the rule of men in the backgroud (else complete chaos which a woman pretends to direct).

The only reason anyone ever genuinely doubts that female leadership is always a facade — is by exposure to a progression into the facade of female leadership from a more believable facade, wherein background leaders first employ male figureheads: to believe in the pitiful farce of female leadership, people must be first conditioned to tolerate the facade of figureheads generally; thereafter, since it is all only political art to them, the gender of their farcical figurehead will not matter.

Then the impossibility of feminism fully displays when social life attempts to mimic political art: when a wife pretends to lead her husband; and even less sustainably: when a husband pretends to be led by his wife.

The truth of all of this — of the immense fraud of feminism — is obvious: for all the pretense by anyone of aims for “gender equality,” never in recorded history has a woman sought a man who is anything close to her “equal” in height, strength, finances, courage — or any other measurement that she actually values.

Rather than reality, feminism is, in every instance, only a passive-aggressive facade, by a meek, weak woman who is too vain and dishonest to admit that she is endlessly disappointed by her social value — a value which fails to earn her the kind of man whose fertilization and protection she, every minute of every day, desperately craves to earn.

The solution for every delusional, hypocritical, self-hating feminist will only arrive by a realization that her natural femininity is infinitely more powerful than her meager, mangled place amid the mania of feminism — that she can, by her feminine nature, propel virtually any man (to whom she loyally cleaves) far beyond the potential of any pitiful, defeated failure-of-a-man who is so weak and foolish as to tolerate the facade of feminism.

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