After corporatist myths implode

They themselves were wholly without discipline, so they could never discipline their progeny — only, at most, corral them. Thus, the ever-rushed kept their kids’ eyes “glued to TV,” and eventually kept their necks locked to all matter of other screens.

In the early stages, pallid parents pretended a degree of dissent: “Get up and go outside!” But this, for many, was only a matter of competition for the screen; thus when economy “improved” enough, and everyone could have their own screen — there was no longer any reason for such parents to pretend any dissatisfaction at having raised a languid, sedentary monster, rather than a healthy, happy, normal (active) child.

And even among those parents who truly lamented their lazy likenesses, the stilted hypocrisy of, “Do as I say, not as I do,” could control the children of only the dumbest of the black slave descendants and other retarded people generally. Rather, the real cultural traditions of the modern slaves came from parent to child by way of mimicry, in a high-tech version of an old warning:

“Each successive generation of potters is more dwarfed and less robust than the preceding one . . . . [and] as a class, both men and women, represent a degenerated population, both physically and morally. They are, as a rule, stunted in growth, ill-shaped, and frequently ill-formed in the chest; they become prematurely old, and are certainly short-lived.” -Marx, Das Kapital, ch2, §3, ¶9&14.

Marx noticed this among potters. A modern Marx would notice the same atrophy among manic, miserable cell-phone zombies.

And for a time, the gnarling was presented and seen as a privilege, though it was simply another delusion in a long procession of deadly utility.

And even now, if coal could not be produced without pregnant women dragging it [from the caves to the surface] . . . we [w]ould let them do it rather than deprive ourselves of coal. But most of the time, of course, we [w]ould prefer to forget that they were doing it.” -Orwell, Road to Wigan pier.

Marx described capitalists as the beneficiaries of crumbling potters.

Orwell described atheistic industrialization (espcially its apex: the war-machine — especially its apex: aimless, self-indulgent homosexualist elites) as the beneficiary of rotting coal-miners.

And a modern Marx or Orwell would also point to the chief beneficiaries who depend upon sluggish slaves of this most modern age: corporatists; especially their sad, suicidal, uninspired Zionist atheist middle-men, their mongrelized mouthpieces, their military-industrial-complexes, and their corporate clergy known as “psychiatry.”

Meanwhile, slaves droned on, their lives alike Orwell’s description of a bullet to the neck:

“…a numb, dazed feeling, a consciousness of being very badly hurt, but no pain in the ordinary sense.

But the masters miscalculated the purpose of the world; and so, in the end, their twisted vices, and resultant twisted vices, served only to hasten their own demise — and to catapult culture away from corporatism, homosexualism, feminism, terrorism, and atheism.

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