RE “Candace Owens destroys WHITE PRIVILEGE”


Meanwhile, the biggest advantage that a “billionaire” has over someone who grows up in “the projects in Chicago” is not having to deal with the half-informed, ultra-proud black pets of democrats. But, as evidenced by the Candace Parkers of the world, republicans love to leverage half-informed, ultra-proud black pets too.

Candace Owens is simply Colin Powell in woman-face, as USA’s politicians continue to use blacks as they always have: as wild-eyed political landmines, to obscure issues and to add “soulful” credibility to the myopic socialism or terroristic militarism of the political moment.

Then, to bolster the facade, republicrats steadily feature some poorly-spoken “angry white guy” — someone dumb and ridiculous enough to make the black pet seem sagely by comparison.

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