Myth of “incels” (Beta-Entitlement-Syndrome)

“Eventually, I got so desperate that I decided ‘I am going to have no standards at all: I am going to go for old women, ugly women, women who look like monsters — I am going to go for them” -Derrick, a timid, boring, simpering man; who presumed a right to a woman’s time and body — even at 5’5″ and 330lbs.

Al Sharpton poisons foolish black Americans into believing that blacks will be (or at least should be) treated with respect, no matter how ridiculously blacks act. Plenty people notice this; plenty denounce it.

“These bitches aren’t worth shit anyways, guys!” -Tom Leykis


Tom Leykis aka OG Neckbeard

Tom Leykis aka “OG Neck-beard” is a fat, ugly, self-hating loser — who is also a semi-famous millionaire . And Leykis is to involuntarily celibate men “incels” what Sharpton is to blacks: an enabler of their self-destruction. Often Leykis has been criticized for his “misogyny,” yet never for being a pied piper for hypocritical, cowardly men who are too filled with fake rage ever to admit that theirs is a problem of sloth, greed, and vanity.

As always, hypocrisy is two kinds of vice: a moral vice, drowning potential by clouding priorities; and a mental vice, robbing time by binding the mind. Nevertheless, self-destruction is always laboriously earned, thus entirely deserved.

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