Social-circumcision of women’s nature (abnormality of bickering, bartering bitches)


Humans are born with the ability to differentiate a vast spectrum of sounds. Gradually the ability is circumcised to those sounds necessary for the given human to function linguistically within its society.

Similarly, humans possess a wide spectrum of ability for a variety interactions. Yet not all interactions are within the range of their optimal life, much less do they “feel natural”: Bartering and bickering is within the potential of all humans, but beneath the nature of all female humans; and it only appeals to those female humans who, by their lack of desirability which brought emotional terrorism from their childhood caretakers, have been deprived of an ability simply to be — those deprived of “the privilege of being left alone.”

bitchMoreover, many modern conceptions of relationships — by their petty, transactional nature — fill with discomfort, even despair, all but the most broken women; while filling those broken, indeed whorish women with a positive zeal which Freud termed “penis envy,” but which is simply an adaptive self-preservation which no normal, healthy, protected woman ever feels.

Importantly: any broken woman can be weaned off such self-preservation, and helped to easily return to her nature — but not within a framework of petty, transactional bickering and bartering.


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