Zionists’ ethnocentric apathy towards the rape of women and the destruction of families

Petty Dennis Prager politically prances about, pretending that rape in the black community is especially high because so many black men just love crime. Meanwhile, in typical Zionist psychopath fashion, Prager selects only the data and facts useful to him, moreover starting the analysis at a point in history that is likewise politically useful.

Aside from rape victims, Prager similarly — with like myopia — that those who are unmarried with children have chosen to be unmarried with children. The analysis of the slithering Zionist ignores no less than two behemoths: (1) The welfare state (which includes governmental schemes for sterilization and infanticide); (2) its predecessor: the warfare state. Millions of fathers have been robbed of a chance to parent, and millions of mothers have been rendered and relegated as “single mothers,” by the imperialist policies of the White Supremacist Terrorist Slave State (WSTSS “wisstiss”);  namely, by the terroristic (foreign and domestic) central planning of WSTSS — by virtue of both its welfare state and its warfare state.

Blaming the victims

Republicans say Democrats do it; and Democrats say Republicans do it. Both are correct.

Just as the WSTSS uniparty Republicrats, and not terrorized parents, are the linchpin of millions of failing families; so too WSTSS government — when not actively terrorizing blacks (et al.) through slavery, etc.; and when not otherwise actively fomenting unrest and misery in black communities, via the CIA, etc.; WSTSS yet lets loose the urban warlords (including rapists), to descend upon black communities, in order to terrorize black communities into begging WSTSS to open the governmental gates to some other, safer plantation: (manufactured) problem, (predicted) reaction (else revision), (power-consolidating) solution.

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