Moral superiority of the white supremacist terrorist slave-state called USA


White delusion

The history of the White Supremacist Terrorist Slave-State called USA began as an experiment in violence and hypocrisy. That violence and hypocrisy has been perfected in the present-day, where pale and sickly pawns of every color learn to condemn slave-descendants who lack blind faith in the current justice system inflicted upon them by the guns and chains of the White Supremacist Terrorist Slave-State called USA (WSTSS “wisstiss”).

History of justice for niggers in WSTSS

Niggers as property


In 1857, seven petty pink-people on the Supreme Court Of The United States (SCOTUS) correctly interpreted the Constitution of WSTSS, by considering (black) slaves to be property under the Fifth Amendment, and holding that any law that would deprive a (black or white) slave owner of that property was unconstitutional. See Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857).

*Note: The Dred Scott decision is “notorious” among plenty modern frauds, who pretend that the decision sharply diverges from the noble intentions of their brilliant, slave-raping Founding Fathers.

Niggers as property classmates

Lucky nigger bitch enjoys spending time with her pale, sickly pink classmates

One hundred years after Dred Scott, nine white losers in black robes decreed that negro self-esteem depends on full inclusion of negroes into the WSTSS, among the pitiful progeny of the white slave-class. See Brown v. Board of Education.

Niggers as property classmates self-exterminators

Nigger bitch brags about obediently murdering her child(ren) 

Twenty years after Brown v. Board, six old white men and a mulatto decreed that WSTSS had a constitutional right to terrorize niggers, socially and economically, to the point of extracting infanticide confessions from the embattled “freemen.” See Roe v. Wade, where SCOTUS invented a “woman’s right to choose,” i.e. a passive-aggressive governmental mandate requiring desperate, slave-class women to murder their child in the womb, as an economic pressure-relief-valve to address such circumstances as would, for non-slaves, warrant some kind of non-murderous support.

Modern day: “Black gangs are the problem!”

With the previously stated laws as the historical backdrop of “justice” in WSTSS, only fools and frauds wonder why so few slave-descendents fail to blindly follow the current legal system of the white supremacist terrorist slave-state called USA.


Some white bitch declaring niggers to be “super predators

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