The nature of things (feminist plot-twist)


Once upon a time, in the West, bourgeois penis-envying goy women teamed with purpose-envying Zionist psychologists, and they agreed to pretend that women desperately wanted to work jobs they hated, to buy things they did not need, to impress people they did not like. Or so goes the theory.

Benefits of terrorizing women

Plenty dueling patriarchs played along — the business owners who wanted the value of wages nearly halved by condemning women to competing for wage-labor rather than motherhood; the jingoes who knew they could leverage rudderless women’s sniveling self-preservation to manufacture “popular support” for forcing men into wars. They all sought to juggle desperate, abandoned women just right — as social veal and political landmines — in order to improve their bottom line.

SHE, not me, has a right to choose!

Nancy Pelosi: beautiful jewess monster, mother of five, advocate of sterility and child-murder (for other women)

Despite the narrative dreamed up by Zionist psychologists and advanced by their bourgeois bitch pets, ever since the advent of the industrial revolution, plenty women had always, in addition to motherhood else desperate hope for motherhood, worked jobs they hated — just to survive; and after all, just as insane millionaire Zionist Nancy Pelosi bore five kids before leveraging her Jewess penis-envy into a commission for advocating that slave-class women sterilize themselves and murder their children — so too it was not “women in general,” much less the targeted slave-class women, who advocated for wide-scale sterilization of slave-class women and the social commandment that slave-class women murder their children in the womb.

Rather, such advocacy was advanced only by the slithering bourgeois women, for other women, with the help of whatever desperate, venal political-whores they could put on their payroll (especially nigger bitches) — then they inflicted, onto slave-class women (especially nigger bitches), a “right to choose,” as both a civil-war and a cold-war: a Civil Cold-war: an internal, undeclared war. And among the most powerful weapons in that war was the training of niggers and bitches to respond far more fiercely to the words “nigger” and “bitch” — than to the systematic sterilization of nigger bitches and the murder of their children.

Hymie hyenas: one part terrorist, one part scavenger


Lavon Affair

All such designs of anti-life Zionists require, of the parasites, constant destabilization of their host country — since atheistic, anti-Torah Zionists had always been, and would always be, too weak to rule over anyone other than those brought, one way or another, to their social knees.

The hollow cost to be the boss


To compensate for the weakness, the Zionists leveraged their slithering cowardice: the parasites crept in the shadows of culture, inventing stock crash after stock crash, false-flag after false-flag, Hitler after Hitler; but eventually the fervor waned among the Zionists’ most important social-shield — bourgeois women, especially man-faced Zionist bourgeois women.

Only broken, defeated women want a eunuch


In this picture: Some nigger, enjoying time with the white death-cult whose government has murdered millions of black children — in and out of the womb. Nigger.

At the same time, those slave-classes worldwide who had been infected by Zionists’ anti-life, anti-woman feminism — they began to notice something: No matter how much false freedom the godless Zionists inflicted onto the women of a host nation under threat of torture and terrorism; still, within less than a generation, the momentum of each woman’s nature compelled her back to a desperate desire to subordinate herself to a man. For a while, the Zionist parasites were able to convince many a foolish feminist to sublimate her desire for a man by pledging her allegiance to government as a substitute father and husband. But more and more, for her, every day felt like death.

Eventually not even the craftiest Zionist parasite could disguise how every single feminist “demand” was only a begging to be protected and provided for. It was only ever this — and less and less able to be disguised by women’s learned penis-envy and hypocritical acceptance of the female-privilege of allowance not to admit all the help from a man that she craved, and all men’s help on which she depended.

Her right to choose insanity


child-murderers, celebrating their murders

Privilege is always double-edged; and eventually each feminist, having long ago ceased to function as a woman in any meaningful sense, could not function sanely in any sense: She could not tolerate, even for a moment, disapproval whatsoever, nor even a lack of laudation; she could not think straight if ever someone dared to term her murders as “murders,” rather than “choices” or “health;” she dismissed, as far beneath her, any man even nearly her equal in height, strength or finances; she would have gladly eaten aborted fetuses, if it were allowed by patriarchs and recommended, by her favorite cock-sucking fashion-designer, to “cure” wrinkles.


“Pro-child, pro-choice!”? Ok: pro woman, pro rape.

Reaped what she raped

On and on it went, until feminists, begging to be saved from the nothing they had become, began raping, torturing, and killing each other — as their self-hating, suicidal enablers, i.e. their pseudo-Jew enslavers, looked on with complete indifference, focused instead on the next generation of goy women to infect. And everyone got what they meticulously earned, which is the nature of things.

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