Brett Kavanaugh: like Trump, another useful-idiot to distract from USA’s terrorism for the anti-Jewish terrorist-state of Israel

The cosign of even more bitches -- the only thing in the future that will save you from false accusations by bitches

The cosign of even more bitches: the only thing in the future that will save men from false accusations by bitches

Considerations regarding Kavanaugh:

(1) Watching the effeminate sissy cry no less than six times, for absolutely no reason, during his opening remarks to congress;
(2) Watching the eunuch point to the 150 or so women who vouch that he’s a “real man,” who puts women ahead of men whenever possible;
(3) Watching Kavanaugh proudly say that most of his law clerks have been women;
(4) Watching Kavanaugh proudly say that all the provisional Supreme Court clerks he has set up are women;
(5) Reading Kavanaugh’s tepid dissent in Garza v. Hargan, 874 F.3d 735 (D.C. Cir. 2017), where, in no uncertain terms, the cafeteria catholic pledges his unqualified allegiance to the spurious judicial legislation of seven old white men who, in Roe v. Wade (1973), invented a constitutional right for women to murder children in “privacy.”
(6) Knowing that Kavanaugh knows that pro-death lunatics cite his dissent in Garza to pretend he would be a “threat” to their death-cult, even as he would be nothing but a coward who, at most, would use unconstitutional judicial review to reverse other abuses brought by unconstitutional judicial review (rather than condemning the unconstitutional practice itself);
(7) Knowing that crybaby eunuch Kavanaugh, with his 150 political prostitutes and his neutered personal practices, by playing along with the circus against him in the way he did, simply adds legitimacy for the continuance of the epidemic of women’s false accusations against men — accusations leveraged by dueling patriarchs, with the useful-idiot women getting tossed whatever crumbs and pats on the head are necessary to secure their complicity;
(8) Knowing that Kavanaugh proudly poisons the legal profession by his fem-anesthetized, misandrist gynocentrism, created in him by his over-bearing, penis-envying mom, whom he hold in so high a regard.

Considering all this, Kavanaugh deserves whatever he is getting, and whatever he gets — character assassinations, defamation, the corollary misery of those close to him. He is the McCain to Obama in 2008, the Trump to Clinton in 2016: At best, the lesser of two evils. Yet the Right’s emotionally retarded hero-worshiping fetishism, of Kavanaugh, Trump, et al. — fetishism that has always been the purview of the left — it alone reflects that Kavanaugh is nothing now, and never can or will be anything, other than a white-trash fraud who deals in nothing but technical truths — i.e. absolute lies.

In the end, as usual, this is just #ManufacturedDissent, #ManufacturedConsent, and #ControlledOpposition; as Trump, aka Obama in orange-face, continues the policies of Bush and Obama: Never ending wars, terrorism, and torture — on behalf of radical atheistic misanthropists, in the anti-Jewish (anti-Torah) terrorist-state of Israel.

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