Chasing tales, with their eyes on the manufactured pries (RE: Matt Christiansen on Brett Kavanaugh accusations)

“I will not lose sight of what’s happening here” -Matt Christiansen, long after having lost sight of the fact that Kavanaugh is only up for confirmation because Republicans filibustered Obama’s pick for justice of the Supreme Court Of The United States;

losing sight also of the fact that the SCOTUS seat is only open because democrat operatives murdered a sitting SCOTUS justice, Antonin Scalia;

losing sight also that the main reason death-cult democrats and their Republican mirrors fight so hard over SCOTUS is to pretend there exists conflict between the Republicrat uniparty in regard to Roe v. Wade, i.e. the codification of child-murder by seven old white men in the ’70s, whose judiciary legislated that it is a Human Right to provide government with an economic pressure-relief-valve in the form of infanticide, whereby members of the slave class only remain poor because they are too stupid to murder their children for economic expedience.


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