Birth of intersectionality

Kimberlé Crenshaw -- a face only a fellow activist could love

Kimberlé Crenshaw — a face only a fellow activist could love

Since finding a pretty black woman is as hard as finding a curvy white woman, the feng shui[1] of Kimberlé Crenshaw invented intersectionality[2]: a new-age religion of desperate, condescending, unpretty[3] black women, aimed to gain an advantage over prettier white women, when begging for privilege from the patriarchy.

Every he, she, xer, xonk, xibbit, and them[4] who subscribes to intersectionality is, without exception, frantically bigoted[5], and patently insane.[6]


[1] Feng Shui (风水, wind water) is the philosophy of harmonizing rather than clashing. Political frauds, especially feminists, and especially black feminists often feign political feng shui, as it could be called, by passive-aggressively pretending to seek consensus and compromise — while simply barreling ahead, as soon as possible, with their own, self-serving strand of privilege-begging under the self-deluded guise of privilege-demanding.

[2] Intersectionality is the racist, sexist, classist, selective sifting, shifting, and gifting of privileges, in order to placate foolish, hypocritical, self-centered black women by “rewarding” them with advanced forms of sweet, sticky pity.

[3] Unpretty was a song by the (c)rap group TLC. The group ended when karma killed member Lisa Nicole Lopes in Honduras, as payment for the misandrist domestic violence that she had inflicted, with relative impunity, upon her past-boyfriend, Andre Rison; thereafter inventing (through female-privilege gifted to her by the patriarchy) her own alibi, by the baselessly defaming Rison via unfounded, indeed unquestioned, accusations of “emotional and physical abuse.”

[4] Political frauds — especially feminists, and especially black feminists — generally cannot even begin to win, or even to understand, arguments. Instead, they predictably descend into erecting (or rather, as they would say, she-recting) childish, pedantic social-gauntlets, such as the emotinally-retarded newspeak (xe, xer, etc.) to which many such frauds have addicted trannies, bug chasers, gift givers, and other psychopaths.

[5] Just talk to one — not in a placating way of constantly agreeing with everything they say. Rather, disagree. Whatsoever. And watch what happens.

[6] Ibid.

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