Human-hamster-wheel of homosexualism: blithe benefactors and pretended beneficiaries

When a mouth descends from, and proceeds by, a mind pledged to reality — that is power.

Conversely, the obsessively euphemistic hypocrisy bespoken by such sadistic social-engineers as would say “marriage equality” or “human rights” when they mean “codifying the enabling of self-destructive people who choose to squander their time and potential — wasting their life through the vain indulgence of homosexualism”: there is no power in this, only the transitory mirage of political power that comes from helping fools to freeze themselves into their folly, then figuring a way seemingly to benefit therefrom; thereafter confining both captive and captor to a hellish human-hamster-wheel: continual, delusional denial of even the most clear and obvious elements of natural law, no less than that of self-preservation, self-realization, self-extension.

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