Anti-gun nuts: Do as I say, not as I Jew


Once upon a time, some frail, fatherless fraud called David Hogg, the world’s most effeminate crisis-actor, traveled to Israel in hopes of extending his anti-rights hysteria into the homeland of his handlers. Hogg assumed what’s good for goyim goose is good for the gandering, slandering Jews.

As soon as the crisis-actor arrived in the apartheid ethnostate, he launched into the typical tone of his charade: “What the fuck is wrong with you fucking fuckers? Your kike cocks are so small that you need guns, you fucking losers?!”

As persuasive as was the rich bitch — who, on 2/14/18 along with the rest of the Parkland pussies, learned a permanent lesson on whom not to bully — Hogg did not hog the spotlight.

Crisis-actor kids flank their anti-truth hero -- the son of some white bitch

Politically-sexy crisis-actor kids flank their anti-truth hero — the self-hating terrorist son of some white bitch.

“And to drive the point home to you fucking gun-nut losers here in Israel,” Hogg bitched, “I present the Hawaii-raised, Harvard-trained, self-hating, awkward millionaire mongrel son of some white bitch!”

Over the loudspeakers, John Lennon’s faggoty anthem “give peace a chance” began to poison the air, as Barack Insane Obama stepped forward, flanked by a dozen adolescent crisis-actor idiots, while Chuck Jewmer, Dianne “Ugly Fuck” Feinstein and the others looked on from the ZOG command station.

All of them were crying, especially Obama. They were not crying because they were psychopathic frauds hoping to distract from their retarded message of, “For everyone’s safety, tyrannical Government must use its guns to take your guns” — rather, they were all crying because they were all raised by weak losers like David Hogg’s pseudo-father, i.e. they were all raised to be limp, passive-aggressive pussies — too cowardly and stupid to argue the merits.

gun nuts in israel

Just a regular day for a gun-nut “settler” in aparteid Israel

Obama and his young pawns were then joined in their effeminate cry-argument by Hogg and his fugly bitch friend, Emma “Madd Illz” Gonzalez — and they all cried like bitches, calling for law abiding Israelis to be disarmed.

Just then, a few Israeli men step forward from among the onlooking crowd, and they quoted from a Shakespearean play that Jews had banned in Europe: you take my life, when you take the means whereby I live.

Then the Israeli men took their machine guns off their shoulders, and fired hundreds of bullets into the anti-freedom psychopaths.

And everyone in Israel kept their guns — and lived happily ever after.

gun nuts in israel3

gun nuts in israel5

gun nuts in israel2


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