“My equals must be better than me at everything,” she bitched intuitively

bitch dying

Some boring bitch, bitching intuitively

Each political vacillation between the imaginary rights of women and the mandated obligations of men suited her early on; forming, in her mind, brick by brick, a wall of delusion: a belief that she should, and would, get whatever she wants, whenever she wants, as soon as she wants.

Abandoned bitches’ eternal begging

Waves of abandonment changed all that: routine abandonment by each boy-toy to whom she had felt equally entitled and addicted, despite that — in height, strength, finances, boldness, and so much else — she was nowhere near his equal.

Endless snake-oil mantras stupefied her into squandering much time and potential, even as she sadistically scoffed and scorned any guy who was anywhere near her equal in height, strength, finances, timidity — or really anything.

Daddy government vs her allotted cuck

“My equal must be better than me at everything!,” she frequently bitched intuitively.

Early on, she felt preserved by the soothing social-chains which bound him to her — until realizing the true stigma that stung a girl who clung to a boy that was only hers by the strength and whim of other, better men.

Then she realized that her female-privilege was simply an allowance to socially neuter the men around her, rendering them total losers — which, in turn, turned her into a tedious bitch surround by losers.

Bitch beggar on a cock carousel

Thus, with the loyalty of a mustard seed, she clung and swung, clung and swung, clung and swung — one man to the next, as her age exponentialized gravity; until the sudden social click, after which point she, unmistakably over-ripened, became nothing in the mind of any guy besides bitter, boring, low-hanging fruit.

Twilight of the blameless bitch

Throughout her life, she had come to savor each and every euphemism that booksmart theorists would dream up to absolve her of responsibility for her various vain delusions:

patriarchy, glass ceiling, intersectionality, toxic masculinity, empty nest syndrome, munchausen syndrome, postpartum psychosis, penis-envy, violence against women, abortion rights;

yet as those feeble delusions yielded more and more to fierce disillusion — the euphemisms regularly failed to feather her fall whatsoever.

Forever after, her only feeling stronger than regret was a desperate desire to forget.

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