Abandoned mudshark cosigns blacktivist fraud

Race-hustling retard “Terry X Hotep” enjoys pretending that blacks are one big team, because Terry X Hotep is a race-hustling retard.

Meanwhile, a fat, aimless, abandoned mudshark named Alicia McNeal proves, to stupid people, her non-racism by taking time out from raising her two abandoned mulattoes in order to troll for dick from blacktivist losers who truly believe that if they lie long enough, then blacks will be the always-blameless always-victims which blacktivist victimology pretends.

These are the same vicariously violent frauds who try to incite action from blacktivist losers who love to threaten ever dissenter with “YOU WON’T COME TO DA HOOD AND SAY DAT!” — and those same blacktivist losers, without a hint of embarrassment, are the ones pretending a non-violent moral-high-ground, every time their weak little war-plans fall flat.

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