‘Snitching’ as a war-crime in USA’s black culture; myths of white devils and negropeans

WHITE HEADLINE: Heroic cop in Georgia beats homeless nigger bitch Katie McCrary who was dangerously, annoyingly begging outside a convenience store. At one point, the nigger scum assaualted the noble officer by holding onto the freedom baton that the officer was using to detain her to pieces. When the dark, ugly criminal grabbed the freedom baton, the unidentified officer heroically threatened to “shoot” the out-of-control nigger bitch.

White devils, with no rhythm and no soul, exert tyrannical control over black slave-descendents whenever able.

Because of white devils’ addiction to exploitation, the black code is to minimize, as much as possible, interactions with white devils — especially cops (even oreo cops since, in the end, they are just a long-arm of white devils’ law).

What about black-on-black crime!?

White devils desperately counter-attack by trumpeting political crocodile-tears everytime, after some black-on-black crime, blacks fail to “cooperate with police investigations” — aka fail to surrender to the authority of white devils who will only use that authority to terrorize the black community all the more: “we have been welcomed by the uncle toms of your town — so now we have a social mandate to bully, intimidate, entrap, and cage whomever for whatever.”

Myths of white devils and negropeans

The white devil myth is that blacks look the other way and ignore black-on-black crime.

The white-washed negropean myth is that “niggas be out in the streets protesting violence on the regular.”

The reality is that USA’s blacks are perfectly able to devise their own systems of law and retributive justice, especially when spared the constant impediment of white lies from white devils, who are always looking for a way to get their nose under a black tent.


Therefore, in plenty in black communities, ‘snitching’ is never more, and never less, than a war-crime: White devils, with no rhythm and no soul, exert tyrannical control over black slave-descendents whenever able; thus, inviting white devil cops into communities of color, rhythm, and soul can only ever cause more harm than good.

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