STEM explosions swallowed by natural neo-Luddism implosion

Neurotic, adderall-addled petite-bourgeois merchants, each peddling their proprietary wheel in the socialist gauntlets of imaginary and manufactured scarcity, suspend their manic campaigns of begging women into STEM assembly cages — for war-games or otherwise — whenever the scaliest cynics can simply scale back liberty to meet the morbid needs of one or another throbbing bureaucracy — and thereby simply force enough empoweringly dull, limp obedience.

Jailing such symptoms as Ted Kaczynski and Kent Hovind; masking millions upon millions of suicidal female canaries in the coalmines of China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Korea — and anywhere else infested by industrialists’ anti-woman, anti-family, anti-life equalitism: the anti-holism fanatics continued their feverish enlistment of obediently doomed women, to erect mammoth industrial sand-castles as fast and foolishly as possible — despite that each fell just as fast by the ceaseless storms of natural law.

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