Sometimes slovenly mudsharks spawn slavery-advocating mulatto mascots, e.g. Nike’s Colin Kaepernick

Mudshark: a white-devil cave-beast who know da black man be superior.

“Studies indicate that the only black men who overestimate the socio-sexual value of manifestly mediocre white women — are black men with an inferiority-complex” -science.

Despite science, mudsharks typically tend to pretend bragging rights for being dumb enough to succumb to the frantic, spreadshot desperation of black men who are too weak to earn the time and attention of a black woman.

Thereafter, the mudshark becky spends the rest of her life at a sour grapes buffet — pretending to prefer the obsessive, rudderless, self-absorbed neediness of her scowling, howling mud-blood brood, and its constant beige-rage; then pretending faith in whatever fake narrative successfully weans her cultural chimeras off their white-hot sense of entitlement, onto the muddy myth of perpetual victimhood.

Colin Kaepernick Style

“Yo! Hundreds of years ago, some white people (and thousands of black people) had slaves in the United States!” -black mascots on the Democrat Plantation, who kill each other over slave-made shoes today.

”Vietnamese lives don’t matter” -the pitiful frauds of ‘black lives matter’.

“So many manic mongrels, so few slave-made shoe companies to split, with their mulatto mascots, the profits from terrorism against slave women in Vietnam and beyond” -niggers.

Slavery advocating mongrel mascot Colin Kaepernick hangs out with some bitch who hangs out with slavery advocating mongrel mascots.jpg

Nike’s slavery advocating mongrel mascot, Colin Kaepernick, hangs out with some bitch who hangs out with slavery advocating mongrel mascots.

Malay slaves making possible the heroism of mongrel mascot Colin Kaepernick, for his fake “black lives matter” campaign.

Silver-lining for the white death-cult

Now, for at least the next couple news-cycles, republacrats have an easy way of pretending a difference among them — by pretending that only one side of USA’s corrupt uni-party openly supports worldwide terrorism and slavery.


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