The overall superiority of negro slaves

The following is distilled from Thomas Jefferson’s “notes on the state of Virginia,” as well as the parts of the Emancipation Proclamation that no one reads.

Since the time of the oldest recorded Kemetic scholar, Hotep Jefferson, slave-masters have been knowing the industrial superiority of the negro, who is entirely preferable to any other slave, especially white devils.

Constant threat of white usurpation vs the tranquility of an all-negro plantation

White servants inevitably deconstruct and deactivate any and every mind-maze that slave-masters can create — then the wiley whites demand either crumbs far beyond profitability or else, even worse, partnership in the racket! Thus, whites make terrible slaves![1]

However, wonderfully slave-ready negros will, at most, quickly and clearly make known exactly what mastubatory distraction they demand in exchange for the continued rendering of their complete docility and complicity.

Thus, the choice is obvious: whenever possible, buy black!

Singular downside of negro slaves: docile and dumb, else intelligent and dangerous

The desirable delirium of negro docility always comes at a high price: a mental retardation beyond that which is useful to control them — extending to a degree which renders the negro entirely dysfunctional for all but the most niggerish tasks.

In the end, the negro is either controllable and stupid, or else intelligent and uncontrollable[2].

This is a significant downside to the otherwise preferable negro slaves, but it seems to be the only downside. Moreover, it is a downside limited to only certain highly-specialized duties.

Therefore, “docile and dumb, else intelligent and dangerous” is an entirely irrelevant downside. After all, plenty classes of soldiers and craftsmen and politicians, for example, can be negro-level stupid; while, at the same time, invention and improvement in fields such as technology can continue indefinitely without any need whatsoever for the social-engineering of negroes who are both controllable and intelligent.

Thus, negroes are generally the best slaves — by far.


[1] To recognize the obviousness of this truth: Imagine the utter impossibility of a negro enslaving a white person for any time longer than the immediate aftermath of a violent negro uprising. Obviously, in the blink of an eye, the white would have the negro back in chains, physical or otherwise, selling each other to the white, selling each other out to the white, and begging the white for the privilege of using white technology to safely and quietly exterminate negro children — in the womb or otherwise.

[2] There seems to be no solution for the trade-off between negro docility on the one hand, and negro intelligence on the other: they are either restless of retarded. Whites, yellows, and even some muds often respond well to targeted mental-torture, creating an exceptionally useful admixture of functional intelligence and stupefying cowardice; however, such tactics, when used on the negro, almost never bend the negro but rather only break it; probably because the negro, at essence, is too consumed with the immediate to remember the detailed lessons of targeted torture, and so instead of learning from the torture — the negro simply resents the torturer.

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